Not Eating Out

We don’t “eat out” very often but recently, most of my lunches have been “out.”

I work close by. We close for an hour for lunch and for years, I’ve come home for lunch. It’s easy. It’s cheap. And I like having the time away from the office.

Right now though, we’re doing some major renovating to our home and the construction people are here all day. There’s not a whole lot of parking and I’d get in the way. So I haven’t been eating lunch at home for several weeks.

It’s extremely obvious if you look at my recent after lunch bg’s.

As of yesterday, I’m back to packing a lunch. I packed lunches for a gazillion, trillion years (ummm, 14 years). I had it down to a science. I packed good lunches. I haven’t packed lunches in a long time. After lunch bg yesterday? – just fantastic, thank you for asking.

I’m determined to do this!

(Truth in blogging… do not ask me about the treadmill, you know, that dusty thing downstairs??? It’s on my next determination list. I hope.)

6 thoughts on “Not Eating Out

  1. I eat at home most meals. I don’t currently work. Though occasionally my husband will have a lunch date. I had 1/2 a pastrami Rueben sandwich on wheat a couple days ago. It had a small amount of Thai mayo on it. I could taste that it was a little sweet, and the sourcraut seemed a little sweet as well. My bg shot up to 305, I always drink water when I eat out, so it wasn’t the drink???? For me it’s just less stressful to pack food if I’m going to be away from home at meal time. I will pack a dinner (sandwich) tonight when I go watch my daughter cheer at a basketball game at least I will know what’s in it.

  2. Since I have a lot of spare time on my hands these days, going out to lunch is a frequent happening. If I go to the Y afterward, then I do pretty good bg wise.
    But, as a kidney patient I have to severely limit my salt intake. And there are literally NO low salt eat out items, whether in a nice restaurant or fast food.

  3. I always liked when I could go home for lunch too. I would normally take my lunch with me so I could eat at my desk if I couldn’t get out on time (back in the ole NPH days!) then run home when I could get out.

    Is there a purpose for a treadmill other than being a dust collector?

  4. i am home every day during lunch so things are usually good. but occasionally i do go out and have to be careful. that’s where the good old temp basil will make its appearance.
    i too have a treadmill collecting dust in the basement. how are you planning on getting back into it? i have a hard time getting up early, and i usually work till 10pm, so nights don’t work too well either.

  5. Eating out is fun, but tough on the blood sugars, huh? Good for you for packing your lunch again. I bet you’ll be back on the treadmill too before we know it!! 🙂

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