Plug It In

The Dexcom has to be recharged every few days and I’m usually pretty good at it. I keep the cord plugged in next to the computer and as I sit and read, it charges.

But – it got pretty low last night and needed charging. So I brought it to the dining room table, plugged it in and it got its charge as we prepared dinner and then ate.

Update on “initializing.” I will be talking with Dexcom as here and at TuDiabetes, not many seem to be having that issue. Favorite responses – those who didn’t even know what I was talking about.

Update on the treadmill. I removed all items that had been placed on it. I plugged it back in and I used it. I started Friday and did 4 days before failing today. Back on it tomorrow! And yes, numbers were better. It’s so damn easy. I don’t walk on it for that long. Why oh why am I so lazy??

Packed lunches… I have packed my lunch (for work) until today and of course, that’s helped with the numbers also. Surprise!

Today – started with an 8am appointment with the whole house generator person teaching us how to use the generator. Then I had to leave for a 9:30 dentist appointment. Got to work (a church) just in time for a funeral and after the service, a funeral luncheon. Funeral lunches are the very worst temptations for me. The church volunteers who donate food always bring the yummiest, carbiest items. But, I will admit that we have more awareness of diabetes, especially Type 2, and there are always salads and “sugar free” items available.


One thought on “Plug It In

  1. You know how to start my day with a laugh – I read “plug it in” and laughed without reading anything else. My Dex needed charged last night and I went downstairs to get the charger but came up with the cell phone charger. I turned the Dex off.

    Glad you got on your treadmill! You didn’t fail but not using it, you were giving your muscles a break! You should take a day off every once in awhile.

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