Wordless Wednesday 2/15/12

It’s only Wednesday? Sigh…

Tried a leg site this morning. It was my first time! And… It didn’t work.
I probably need some advice.

Just think, if I’d done this yesterday, I could have shaped the tubing into a heart and made this a Valentine post.

4 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday 2/15/12

  1. Waaaaaa!!!! I guess the only advice I have is “these things happen”. Lame, I know. But when you are ready, give it another go and I bet it will work just fine. I really don’t think it’s anything you did wrong – I think the Diabetes Gods just weren’t smiling on your leg yesterday.

  2. i am soooo afraid to try anywhere other than my stomach. i wear pants (jeans and slacks) all the time and i just can’t get my head around the whole “leg site” thing. i am convnced i will pull that sucker out the first time i have to pee!!
    good luck with it and let me know. maybe i will get my brave on and try it myself one of these days!

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