This is Ridiculous…

New routine these days. Insert Dexcom sensor. Wait three hours. It fails. Insert another sensor and wait another three hours. And yup, call Dexcom and wait some more on hold…

Second time in two weeks (yup, went 13 days with the last one – I know, I know, you’re not supposed to do that). And yes, others have used one even longer but when Dexcom says 101 and the meter says 230, it’s time to quit. (And no, I don’t quit after just one error…)

I do not like green eggs and ham OR inserting the Dexcom sensors. I’ve gotten better at it and don’t even sweat these days (easier when it’s cold…), but I’m still NOT a pro. So having to do ANOTHER one on the same day truly sucks big time.

And yes, Dexcom is replacing the sensor but I’m beginning to worry that they’re going to think I can’t do this. (And yes, Kim, I know I can do this).

In other news, I cleaned out the kitchen junk drawer today. We have to stop stashing those plastic bread things in there! (Hint, it’s not me who does that…)

5 thoughts on “This is Ridiculous…

  1. I think my worst experience has been 4 sensors in one day.
    #1 when I pulled the applicator off, the plastic piece that holds the transmitter tore off.
    #2 the sensor wire broke off in my leg
    #3 blood puddle
    #4 FINALLY worked!
    I know they replaced all the sensors for me, but that doesn’t help the fear I experience EVERY time I get ready to push that plunger.
    Hang in there dear friend!

  2. Yikes-a bad batch maybe? I went through 3 sensors once(in much the same manner) before I figured out that it was actually my fault. (the code in the meter and on the back of the transmitter didn’t match) I agree, the suspense is horrible. (as you’re pushing it into your skin)

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  4. Hmmmm. I must be one lucky SOB, ’cause in the nearly 2 years of Dexcom usage, I’ve never had a bad sensor…or a bad experience installing a sensor. I’ve never used any other location but my stomach area to put one in, and I almost always use it. In a period of a month, I’ll probably go about 2 days without wearing it. Although we’re technically suppose to change it every week, I normally go about 2-3 weeks with the same sensor..(By the end of 3 weeks, it’s about to fall off anyway). I don’t think I use a different technique in installing a sensor than anyone else, but I have found that when pushing the plunger in, if it’s done in a rather quick motion, it seems to set-up better to get more time out of it. Why this is, IDK…I found this out by trial and error in the very beginning of using it when sensors would last me about 6 or 7 days. Plus…getting your skin squeaky clean, and making sure there are no ripples in the adhesive, (once it’s stuck on you), really helps too. Good luck to you!!

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