Out for breakfast

We went out for breakfast on Sunday morning. It’s a local place known for their pancakes and homemade breads. You can just about smell the maple syrup in the parking lot.

Last time I had pancakes, about two years ago, (before Dexcom) I hit one of the highest numbers I’d ever seen. It was not fun.

Today, I had an omelette. It was yummy. I also had the white bread toast (my excuse… if I’m not going to have pancakes, then I deserve the homemade bread, right?) and some fried potatoes. I tested and Pinged enough insulin to cover the bread and the potatoes (and some jelly on the toast). Thirty minutes later the Dexcom was bouncing around and continued to tell me that the ole BG was rising. (During the winter, I need to stop keeping Dexcom in my pants pocket when I’m driving. It’s unnerving to be driving when it sets off but I’m wearing a coat and my seat belt and can’t get to it.)

I kept checking with the Ping (test then ezBG) but it said I had enough insulin so, I waited (and drank some water). Ping was right but I don’t see spikes like that hardly ever. Waiting was the right move but gee whiz, wowee high!

So, here’s a fun photo of my fun day.

I know we have “flat line groups.” Maybe I should start the “mountain group?”

This week my former* CDE and I are meeting for dinner. I haven’t seen her in awhile although we keep in touch. (*insurance won’t pay for me to see her – they’d rather pay double for the endo visit – it’s confusing)

4 thoughts on “Out for breakfast

  1. When I started reading, my first thought was that you might know a few more tricks than you did 2 years ago when you last tried pancakes – then you showed the mountain! They do have a rocky mountain page in the Flatliner’s group. Even Flatliner’s have mountains. Homemade bread sounds good though and probably was worth that mountain!

  2. Even though not everyone has an overt dawn phenomenon, I still think bg is harder to control over breakfast, when all those “wake up” chemicals are floating around.
    I love eggs………..and hash browns………………………….and turkey sausage………….and sour cream blueberry muffins…………………washed down with a big pot of strong black coffee.

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