The Blood Drops

Blood drops on blogs and other diabetes places. I didn’t get it…

After 7 years, I get it.

And now, I find them in some of the least expected places.

This weekend, I found a blood drop on the back of a bra. Huh?
I’ve found blood on the inside of the handle of the fridge.
There are blood drops on light switches and hair brushes.
I ruined a very nice white t-shirty thing by shooting my former novolog pen through the shirt.
Coffee cup in the morning sometimes shows a drop of blood.

Maybe I should start buying all red stuff?

Well shucks, who’d have thought I’d ever be posting a pic of a red bra on a diabetes blog? IF I got one, which I probably won’t, I don’t think I’d wear it with the white t-shirt!

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8 Responses to The Blood Drops

  1. Debra says:

    Hahaha, that’s funny:) I found a schmear on my calendar once. Sometimes I feel like there isn’t a drop to be had in my fingers, then sometimes they won’t stop;)

  2. Sara says:

    Some of those do really seem like good ideas to get in red to cover the drops 🙂

  3. Rachel says:

    My mind. Into gutter.

    Still reminds me of why they just don’t use red for, ahem, feminine hygiene product commercials.

  4. Kay Dennison says:

    Red is my favorite color so I vote yes! That said, I’m sure it’s annoying.

  5. Scully says:

    Oh the red bra is what drew me to this post! I thought, “Yay Colleen!”
    I hear you on the “dots”. I have a white duvet cover. worst. idea. ever.

  6. Kelly Booth says:

    I like the red idea! If you get a red shirt, you can wear the red bra!

  7. Ooooh Baby!
    Love the red bra.

  8. kim says:

    oh they are everywhere! i’m with you on the red. i lke the fridge, but then i would have to re-paint the kitchen and put in new flooring! can i get a red stove too?? i’m starting to like this idea!hahaha!

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