Cursable or Curable!

The original title of this was, “Did I Break a Mirror?”

But then I ran spell checker and so I changed the title.

It was seven years ago…

I didn’t break a mirror and so, I’m not regarding the past seven years as “bad luck.” Well, for the most part I’m not.

The past seven years have been interesting, frustrating, expensive, fun, confusing, friendly, scary, laughable and probably cursable. (Hee, hee – spell checker doesn’t like that word and wants to change it to – are you ready?? – curable! I might have to change the blog title!)

I’ve made a lot of new friends. I’ve received a lot of good advice. I have learned so very much from the DOC.

I see the Endo next week. She’s new to me so I’m truly hoping for a great appointment as I’m really not in the mood to find another Endo’s office.

My PCP broke the news to me at my appointment on March 9, 2005 and immediately set me up to see our local Endo and start classes. Meanwhile, my dad was hospitalized and life was a zoo. Saw Endo #1 who looked at me and said, “I don’t think you have Type 2, I think you have LADA.” He explained that it wouldn’t change anything and I’d follow a Type 2 treatment, which I did for a while. Then, I got on the internet. Thank you Amy and the Wall Street Journal. (That is from May, 2005!) After using basal insulin for a few months, I asked for the testing to determine whether I really was LADA. He said no as it wouldn’t change the treatment. I’d lost over 35 pounds, friends thought I was dying… Even my PCP asked me if I was eating enough – not to worry, I was.

So it was off to the office of Endo #2 to meet with the CDE (#1) there. (Never did meet the Endo in that office.) She ran the test (GAD65) and diagnosed Type 1 LADA. Started bolus insulin and later, began pumping with the Ping. But, their office didn’t do the pump training, you had to go to the education office. Which turned out great! Worked with a wonderful CDE (#2) and life was good until insurance refused to pay for the pump training. That was finally resolved with the help of the HR people at work but insurance said they wouldn’t pay any more. The CDE (#1) was nice but she really wasn’t interested in helping me determine basals, pump settings, carb ratios, etc… and at our last appointment she spent at least 5 minutes talking about the importance of wearing shoes.

CDE (#3) at Endo #3 – knows pumps (she used to work for Medtronic), is Type 1 and has personality. We had two great appointments. I was looking forward to seeing her next week. But she’s gone. Probably in a huge hospital layoff that took place.

So – I have great some hope for this next appointment!

Wish me luck! My grandparents were from Ireland and it’s March!

And know that I really appreciate those who have taken the time to offer their stories, advice and mostly encouragement these last seven years. I couldn’t have done it without you! Really!! (and the font is blue because… It’s Friday!)

7 thoughts on “Cursable or Curable!

  1. sounds not very fun but best of luck.
    I like how you talked about your one CDE who had a personality. They really aren’t that “interesting” of people are they?

  2. hoping for the best for you Colleen! when you have a CDE you like, it makes going that much less stressful. i love my CDE ladies, and my Endo, and i stress less about going, and am not cancelling appts, like i used to with the old Endo i went to.
    may the leprauchans go with you!

  3. Good luck with your appointment. I found it interesting that the CDE you clicked with was the one that did your pump training at an education center. The only CDE that I have ever met that I liked was also the one that did my pump training and guess where that was!

  4. This post just completely shattered my faith in the medical/healthcare system (and spell-check). Thanks for sharing it, though, it’s good for the rest of us to know what we might be stepping into. (I once went to a doctor who specializes in diabetes, who admitted “I’m not really an endocrinologist, I’m an internist”… I never went back).

    Here’s a bit of advice for you: call your insulin pump company and ask to be put in touch with your local rep. They know the doctors in your area intimately, and can refer somebody who knows the pump really well, knows how to use it, and knows how to teach it. That’s what I did after moving a little over a year ago, and I couldn’t be happier with my new doc!

  5. Just when you’re thinkin’ you finally got it made……………..sigh. Good luck.
    My Tai chi teacher, who I’ve known for several years, was busted for meth is past week. Classes cancelled until further notice…

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