Popped in a New One

A first for me – the fun message, “Sensor Failed.”

Well, shoot. I just put it in Saturday morning.

So I called Dexcom and they’re sending a replacement; and then I popped in a new one. You have no idea how much writing “popped in a new one” makes me chuckle. My first Dexcom insert was less than speedy, very sweaty and at one point I had visions of driving myself to the ER to get the damn inserter off of me. That was back in July and I’ve gotten much better at this stuff.

But I still do not like putting in or popping in a new one.

The initializing issue has stopped since I began using the black case instead of the cute blue skin. Maybe I’ll try to use the skin again once it warms up here in NH. (Dexcom said it was probably a static electricity issue.) We had 5 inches of snow yesterday so it might take awhile…

2 thoughts on “Popped in a New One

  1. I am glad that the initializing issue stopped. I was just looking at my boots thinking I should put them away till next winter. Then I remember all the March snows we have had. Guess I better wait!

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