Great New Endo

Short post – it’s late, I’m tired, it’s been a long day.

New Endo Report – Wonderful!

She has personality. She’s smart. She went through my Diasend printout and thinks I’m doing great. We met for an hour and so far, I really like her!

A1c is the same from 3 months ago and she thinks that’s good.

I sang with the radio on the way home – sun was shining and life seems much better.

I was a total basket case about meeting with a new endo (see earlier posts), but for now, I’m good.

Oh – put in my very first, successful (so far…) leg site for the Ping tonight. No blood in it, yet…

8 thoughts on “Great New Endo

  1. An endo that you like is a wonderful thing, especially because they can be hard to find. I’m glad it went well and you’re happy with her 🙂

  2. So lovely to read.
    I read this last night. And guess what? I dreamed I got a new really awesome wicked cool endo. Not kidding. Just woke up. So y’know what? thanks for the nice dream!

  3. Glad this one worked out for you! Sometimes you don’t realize how valuable an endo can be until you find a good one!

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  5. I’m so so glad to hear you have found an endo that is a great fit for you. For so many years I never realized just how important that is. Yay!!

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