Where’s Waldo?

I did it! I put an inset in my leg! And it didn’t bleed!

When I met with “new, wonderful endo” this week, I told her I’d attempted a leg site and it filled with blood in seconds. I had tried on the front of my leg and she poked around and said, nope, probably won’t work. So after some more leg poking she suggested the side of my leg.

And it worked! And even nicer, the absorption has been pretty nifty. (How come absorb is spelled with a b but uses a p for absorption?) I put it in on/in Tuesday night and by 4am Dexcom woke me to say I was 59. OK, so that’s not so nifty. But I got up, tested, drank some juice and lurked on Twitter while reading about Kerri’s sleepover in the Baltimore airport.

That evening, before dinner, back down to 59 again.

FB’d it and Barb said she’d had a similar issue and just changed some of her ratios when using a leg site. Karen also said she found a new site tended to absorb better. I did the lower ratio last night and woke up at 170. So, guess I gave it too much credit? I’m sure I’ll figure it out, eventually.

But – having the inset in the leg adds all new thinking when showering and dressing (and other stuff). Dexcom is on the tummy, what did I do with the inset? Oh yeah, it’s on my leg. I have been thoughtful – trying to think… – when moving clothing or showering.

This may exhaust my brain but so far I haven’t ripped it off. I’m sure it’ll happen but I can wait. (It’s Thursday night. It’s only been two whole days.) I have only ripped one out in two years. And that was the first week I had the pump. Doorknob!

Even before trying the leg thing, I found myself thinking, “Okay, where is it?” and hoping I wouldn’t forget to NOT knock off either the inset or the Dexcom. Hence, the Where’s Waldo? title.

And now, Bernard’s shirt still makes me smile…

3 thoughts on “Where’s Waldo?

  1. Glad you found a new spot for Waldo! I had a couple places that were easy ripper-outers and after one site didn’t even last an hour because of being pulled out, I started putting a little bit of the Flexifix tape on those. It wasn’t foolproof, but the accident rate took a nice plunge.

  2. i did injections in the fronts of my legs for sooo many years! i moved to my tummy when i went from 1 needle a day to MDI’s. so my tummy is a bit lumpy from overuse. my legs were lumpy but not as much anymore. since the real estate on my tummy is somewhat limited because of the scarring i may have to try the leg sites. but, like you, it may have to be the side. now i have heard of some using the inside of the leg, but that sounds kind of iffy. i my try the outside, but i’ll wait til summer when sundresses or loose shorts can be worn!

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