Blog advice requested

I’m using the free WordPress stuff for blogging. I switched last year after I got stuck in Blogspot’s “next blog” merry-go-round. (But the view stats were amazing!)

Recently, a d-friend commented on the video that was appearing on the blog page. Something about eating a hot dog that had been kept in someone’s sweaty armpit. Ewwww…

I did not realize that stuff like that was showing up on the page. Ewwww…

According to WP – I can: Tip: Be the master of your own domain – make this blog for just $17 per year.

Does this mean the ads will disappear?

I will never be a d-blogger extraordinaire and that’s okay. But I hate the thought that someone may think I’m posting Ewwww… videos along with my meandering thoughts about being diagnosed with diabetes (LADA) when I’m close to retiring.

And just because – SPRING finally showed up in New Hampshire! I’m so excited!! Doors and windows are open. It’s wonderful. Next week doesn’t so look so good weather wise but the past few days have been really, really nice.

Please, share any advice! Thanks!

7 thoughts on “Blog advice requested

  1. I’ve never seen any hot-dog eating videos or anything else strange on your WordPress site. This sounds like a typical case of spyware on your friend’s computer. Switching to a paid site won’t do anything to help that, but it will allow you to put up ads of your choice, if you choose to do so.

    For the record, I also use the free WordPress blog. I might switch to the paid version someday, but I want to see if it really takes off and if I really have the dedication to continue with it)

  2. If I remember correctly (I started paying the $17 a few months ago) there is a box you can click (or unclick) somewhere in your settings. Something about allowing them to put ads up in exchange for being searchable or something like that. You can tell I don’t remember much about it, but that may be contributing to the ad problem – although I don’t see any ads right now either.

  3. i have never noticed any ads or links of any kind (other than ones you’ve created within your post), on your blog. no videos, nothing scrolling along the top or bottom. nothing.

  4. If you are logged into WordPress you won’t see the ads. If you log out, they may or may not be there – it is random and I guess WP decides where and when to put them. Paying the $17 won’t get rid of them. You have to buy the $30 no ads upgrade to make the ads go away. Sorry! The $17 would get you your domain name and mapping but you really want to add another $8 to get the privacy feature or any bozo can look up your address and phone number as the owner of the blog. DiabetesBlogs where I moved to is a format and doesn’t have ads. You do need to buy your own domain though.

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