“Oh, I never go low…”

“Oh, I never go low, well hardly ever.” Yup, that is exactly what I told the new endo earlier this month. Bite your tongue, girl. When will I learn to shut up? Although, it was my answer to her when she asked, “How do you treat your lows?”

That night I put in my first leg site and since then, I’ve had lows. Not terrible lows, like in the 50’s lows.

Yesterday, I went back to the stomach area for the inset. I wanted to find out if I needed to come up with a new basal program just for leg sites.

Nope, Dexcom (thank you Dexcom) woke me twice last night for lows. Again, not terrible, low 70’s, but not what I wanted to see at 3am in the morning. Tested! Swallowed the juice and went back to bed. I know I was doing ok as I’m now snipping the corner on the juice box and pouring it in a glass – this straw stuff is ridiculous. 6am, same thing again. This time I just gave up, got up and started the day with coffee. Normally I give myself a unit for coffee. I didn’t this morning and BG stayed around 80-90 until I ate some breakfast.

There have been a couple of other instances. This week I met M at the building store to look at doors. Checked Dexcom when I left work, fine. Checked Dexcom before leaving the door store, fine. Got home and it showed 60 something. (5 minute drive)

So – my exciting Sunday evening activity will be getting all my pump/meter stuff onto Diasend and letting Dr. G. (new endo) take a look. She’s emailed me twice with questions after I let her know how the leg site worked soooooo well.

Here’s Saturday evening’s Dexcom photo. (The blank part is where I restarted the sensor.)

Meanwhile (I don’t post every day so…), thanks for the ad info responses. I Google everything, usually. But didn’t Google my question that day… Today, I found this:
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I’m not fond of armpit hot dog ads but – I have better places to spend $30. (copays?)


3 thoughts on ““Oh, I never go low…”

  1. Let’s see… $30/year to avoid the ads but keep the .wordpress.com account, or $17 to self-host, lose the ads, and get more functionality. Am I missing something?

  2. Ah yes, saying it always jinxes me too. Blogging it is even worse – I’ve learned to never ever ever blog if I’m having a particularly good run on blood sugars. Hope things are settling back down for you now!!

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