Not feeling so great…

I have a bug. It’s not a bad bug – no stomach issues, no fever, just achy and yucky, etc… Sadly, I still have an appetite. BG’s have been okay so, guess I’ll survive this.

I even stayed home from work today. Didn’t do me a whole lot of good as far as trying to rest as the construction people are still here every day hammering away.

Big decision today. Where to put the bathroom vents on the outside of the house. Turns out the bathroom vents have been venting right into the attic (2 baths) and the other in the basement vents into the furnace room (which is off the guest room). So I’m (looking like death warmed over…) wandering outside with one of the builder guys choosing a spot in the soffit. Not fun.

Changed dex today. It had been 11 days and was giving wonky readings. Spent 3 hours with question marks, took it out and put in another one. Called Dexcom and they’re replacing it. This was the third sensor in one box that didn’t work??? The new box that I opened today is the same lot number but so far, this one isn’t having any problems.

And in new, old news – a whole bunch of people have been finding this blog (again) by searching for “t h e  e n d.” It’s very strange. Almost all are from other countries. Weird…!!!

4 thoughts on “Not feeling so great…

  1. Colleen I have not felt well since Monday. Took my temp last night and it was 101 and really freaked me out.
    Went to Urgent Care and got this doc who looked like a teenager. He had no idea what was going on. When he left the room I crawled up on the exam table and curled up. He came back in and said, “why are you doing that?” I said “cuz I feel like sh-t”.
    I had to get a shot in the butt and went home with a Z Pac. Hopefully I’ll get results.

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