How’d I Do That?

How’d I do that? I don’t think I’ve ever been that low. Dexcom beeped at me and I was sure it was wrong so I ignored it for a few minutes. It’s on day 11 so I thought it was just fooling me. But, I did get up and test – thank God – and was somewhat surprised. Dexcom said 63.  At which point I then began to feel the low. How are you supposed to pour juice when your hands are shaking like mad? I was determined to get the picture but – had to wait or it would be a totally out of focus shot.

Husband gets credit. He was on his way out to go shuffle vehicles around (yes, the construction goes on, and on, and on) but quickly asked if I wanted him to stay with me. I said, “Nah, I can do this.” (If you haven’t yet, go click on You Can Do This over there on the right…)

And I’m stupid, or maybe stubborn. I didn’t want the apple juice in the kiddie box, but we had some cran-grape juice hanging out in the fridge, in a great big bottle, with a difficult (at the time) to open top. But it is the “light” version and just 10 carbs for 8 ounces.

Confession – I don’t have any glucose tabs. I’ve never eaten a glucose tab. I did have some (bought them when I became a Ping pumper) but threw them out when I hadn’t opened them and the expiration date was wayyyy past. Guess I’ll buy some more.

And so, I didn’t stop at the juice. I was going to but, when I opened the fridge I spotted the can of chocolate covered peanuts. So I ate some of those, too. It’s an hour and a half later and Dexcom says I’m 163 now. Well, guess I fixed that low, huh?!

Final thought – I don’t know that I could do this without the DOC. Seems like anything and everything that’s happened to me, has already been written about on a d-blog. You don’t get the same kind of helpful info from a doctor/endo. They don’t have the time and most of them don’t have diabetes. So thanks, friends!

The husband with credit? Well, he doesn’t normally read d-blogs but he does read the ones I send to him. And I’ve sent him many that have posted about lows and what happens. (He wasn’t at all surprised to return to the kitchen and find the opened juice along with the peanut can.) He’s practiced loading up a glucagon shot (it was expired). He went to all my pump training appointments with me. He’s brought the meter to me at work when I forgot it (hasn’t happened often). He’s woken me up at night when I’ve slept through the alarming of the Dexcom. He’s a great husband, and I’m fortunate.

And finally… I really, really love comments. And – tomorrow I turn 62. OMG, really? Yup. (Hint, hint!)

11 thoughts on “How’d I Do That?

  1. 1. Lows suck no matter what! I haven’t always stopped at the peanuts. But, glucose tabs are faster acting at treating. Most people hate em, but I enjoy Fruit Punch (Wal-Mart, $5). I think they taste like candy.

    2. Happy Birthday!!!!!

    P.S. Great post!

  2. Lows are yuck.

    I only have glucose tabs in my car, because they’re the only thing that I can keep that won’t melt or freeze. I’ve had to eat them a few times, and I HATE them.

    I’d rather have a GU energy gel, or even better… a Carb Boom gel. (I really like the apple-cinnamon flavor!) I use juicy juice small boxes, but only at night. Isn’t it funny how we all have our “low rituals?”

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Hope that you have something fun planned tomorrow. 🙂

  3. Well, so, how many peanuts were left for M.?
    I didn’t get to the store until today for the sale Easter candy. They only had black jelly beans left, which works out great because I’m not that fond of them and won’t overdo.
    Have a Great Birthday.

  4. You know you’ve been blogging too long when, in the face of a medical emergency, your first thought is to get a photo! (Good for you for not actually attempting that.)

    Happy Birthday!

  5. Chocolate covered peanuts sound yummy to me!

    It’s 12:40 AM as I read/write this so…


  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Colleen!!! Hope you have a great day.

    Sometimes it’s had to stop eating, once you start.:)

  7. You’re pretty awesome!
    Happy Happy Birthday TO YOU!
    and if you don’t need or want glucose tablets then don’t bother. Seems you already have a good system in place. 🙂

  8. Happy Birthday Colleen! So many great D-people were born in April!

    Can you look back at the BS? I take my low pics after the fact. If I had to get one while low,. I would never have one!

    I used glucose tablets for years but then thanks to the DOC, learned that candy that has Dextrose first in the list of ingredients are basically the same as glucose tablets and a lot cheaper. If you compare the label for Smarties and glucose tablets, you will see they are almost identical. I switched to Smarties after learning that.


    (for lows i eat sweet tarts, much better than glucose tabs, and only 99cents a box!)

  10. Hey, ignored the low warning on your CGM. And over-treated your low. Yup, you are a seasoned PWD now!! LOL

    Cheers for your husband for being such a great help – he’s a keeper!

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