This has nothing to do with diabetes. Well, a little…

Two couples, our friends, three of whom went to high school with my husband, lost their sons to cancer today.

Both were 30 somethings. Both were dads. Both were just nice guys.

There are times that life just seems so very sad. Today is one of those times.

Their names: Kelly & Michael.

A little diabetes… Michael’s mom is a Type 1. She got a pump when they were brand new. Michael did not have d, but his sister does.

Last week, a friend’s daughter lost her baby (a daughter) at birth. The friend’s daughter was dx’d with gestational d.

Three lost children. It’s been a pretty rotten week.

This getting older stuff sucks at times…

Why am I posting this? Well, I know the DOC will think & pray about the sons and the little baby girl. That’s all I ask.

No comments needed. Just hug your children and be happy.

And thanks for letting me share my sadness.


7 thoughts on “Today…

  1. This is awful. Like you said, a pretty rotten week.

    But you’re right, the DOC doesn’t discriminate. We’ll think and pray for all of them, diabetes or not.

  2. No comments NEEDED but comments will happen. We, the people of the DOC and your friends, care. So HUGS from me.

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