Attached at the hip no longer…

I haven’t had my Dexcom for a whole year and I truly appreciate having it by my side.


I was beginning to feel like one of “those” couples. You know the ones… They color coordinate their outfits. They always stand next to each other at parties. They go everywhere but the bathroom (and who knows?) together. It’s like they’re glued to each other.

I started using Dexcom last July and it stayed by my side at all times. Unless, of course, I forgot it.

Winter was okay – most of my pants and many of my sweaters have pockets. At home I’d wear my Outer Banks pink hoodie and the machine stayed safe in the pockets.

Well, spring finally arrived and I’ve spent the last three days picking the Dexcom up off the floor as I just don’t have the pockets.

So, today at work, I put it on my desk. And left it there. I did not take it to the copier, or another office or – the bathroom. There’s a few blank spots on the graph but not enough to worry about. Night time, yup, it’ll be there but when things seems pretty steady during the day, I’m not going to take it with me everywhere.

I think the Dexcom needs a “pause” button. And then, an “unpause or I’m back” button.

I’m quite proud of myself for giving up on the ALWAYS relationship.

3 thoughts on “Attached at the hip no longer…

  1. But it does sort of have a pause button – it is more like a nap than a pause, but there is a “shutdown” in the menu (not “stop sensor”). If you hit shutdown, it turns the Dexcom off so it is not trying to find you and mad because you went out to lunch and didn’t take it along! When you want to use it again, hold down the green OK button. It takes a minute or two to go thru an initializing phase but then starts reading again – you don’t have to do the 2 hour warm-up. It comes in handy if it is being annoying at night and you want to sleep!

  2. i am so interested in getting a CGM. i may be trying one out for a week at my next DEC appt. my doctor doesn’t like them too much cause he says the info you’re getting is “delayed”, but i still think i would like to try one out.
    good luck with your “separation”.

  3. I love this post. 🙂 So true! I love my Dex, but it can seem a little (or a lot) “clingy” at times. I’ve turned off the “out of range” alert all the way so it won’t scream or shake itself silly when I’m out of its sight. Of course, then I get peeved when I go to a meeting or for a walk and leave it…but that’s okay. It’s all about balancing Dex’s needs with my own. 🙂

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