The spam, just the spam…

The spam comments that get caught by WordPress’ Akismet are amusing, annoying and the websites attached to them can be ewww gross.

I’m just a small town PWD, diagnosed later in my adult life – way later – I was 54. Ok, I only had one month until I’d be 55. Shocked? Yup. I was…

Anyway, I find it amusing that my small town d-blog gets spam. Although, maybe they think I’m stupid. In any case, I’m grateful that WP catches them.

Here are a few from the past few days… I know, most of you probably deal with a whole LOT more than this. But, I still find it fascinating and yup, annoying.

Akismet has protected your site from 447 spam comments already.

When there is certainly a single particular website I actually like reading via each single day, it could be this.

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And – if you haven’t visited Meri’s site today – go. Smile and feel the love. Then, pray or whatever you do to help others.

2 thoughts on “The spam, just the spam…

  1. I love WordPress/Akismet’s spam filters! I haven’t gotten quite as much as you (probably because my blog is newer and isn’t as popular), but WP sure does a good job at filtering them out… and it doesn’t use those annoying CAPTCHA phrases which I can barely read half the time! It boggles my mind why the spammers keep on trying, knowing how good the filters are.

  2. Some of them are pretty funny. When I first started my blog, there was one in the spam filter that was a really nice complement and I wondered why it went to spam. I clicked to approve it, thinking it wasn’t spam. Just as I hit approve, I saw the website linked to the comment – London Escorts. Ooops! It got deleted and I learned very quickly to pay attention to where they came from.

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