a slowwwww day

Today was a day in slow motion. And it wasn’t fun.

Dexcom woke me before 5am to say I was ridiculously high. I tested and damn, Dexcom was right. BG was 253. Well, how’d that happen?

I love using my brain at 5am. Not really, but I did it anyway.

Got up – sun wasn’t even showing itself yet. Started the coffee. Did my bolus for coffee (I give it 10 carbs – usually works) and the correction for the 253.

An hour later at 6am, I’ve had coffee but the BG is not moving a whole lot. More insulin.

Two hours later, I Pinged in some more insulin.

About 10, I gave up and took out the inset that I’d just inserted yesterday morning. And… there was blood in the cannula. And there is a shiny, grayish bump on my leg.

I spent the morning doing mini corrections and nothing worked until I changed the inset.

It took all day for my BG to come down to below 150.

And now, well, just ate dinner and Dexcom is going nuts with double arrows up.

It’s a fairly new vial of insulin. The redone site looks okay.

My thoughts:
1. Diabetes really sucks
2. What if I was a kid? With me, as my mom saying, “What did you eat???”
3. What if I hadn’t had the strips to monitor this through the WHOLE day?
4. What if there wasn’t a DOC?
5. &*#^%#//!!!!!!
6. I have new insulin. I may have to redo the inset, again.
7. Yup, Diabetes really sucks.

I just hit the history button on the Ping. And it looks like I’ve been having issues since I opened this vial of insulin… Guess I’ll do another site change with a new vial of insulin. Well, darn. Why didn’t I see this sooner?

Thanks for reading. Thanks for being a d-friend. It’s appreciated.


5 thoughts on “a slowwwww day

  1. 1. Yup, it sure does.
    2 That would make it even harder, because no one needs the stress of an accusation (unless the accuser is responsible for the D-care, as is typical in parent/child relationships)
    3. Good question. It might be less stressful, not being tuned into your BG every hour, on the hour; or it might be more.
    4. Then you’d probably think you’d been doing it all wrong. But your not. The blame lies with #1 on your list.
    5. Is that the same profanity I used towards the big D this morning? It’s hard to tell.
    6. See #1
    7. It sure does.

    I completely hear you about the insulin. It’s tough enough when things go wrong that we can control. When something is bad and you don’t know it. it’s damn near impossible. Hang in there… you’ve solved the problem (I think) and tomorrow’s another day.

  2. Don’t forget to throw in the full moon on top of 1-7! After writing about that, I heard there were a lot of blood sites in the DOC this weekend. Sorry that you had to be one of those. I wish someone would come up with an easy way for us to test insulin so we know whether or not it is good – like people that stick the glucose sticks in their soda to tell if it is diet or not!

  3. Sorry you were having d troubles, sounds like you got it figured out. It’s a constant guessing game, isn’t it:)

  4. holy moly! it must be in the air! yesterday morning my BG was 24.4mmol/l (439). i find if i bolus for food and the correction, my bg comes down much faster than if i just do the correction and wait to eat. sometimes it has taken all day to come down when i do that and i am starving! perhaps it was that supermoon thing. =) hope you’re feeling better today colleen!

  5. ughhh. One of my least favorite things is waking up high.
    Sounds like another frustrating/annoying day with diabetes.

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