No clue, but, have a Dexcom question

I loved having a prompt for each day last week. Some of them were easy and some of them required some thought. But at least it gave me a starting point.

Karen, over at Bitter-Sweet Diabetes did an awesome, fantastic, amazing job of putting the week together. If you didn’t have time to read ALL the d-blogs, she has info here on how to do a “catch up.”

And – blogging for one week is definitely easier (???) than doing the November NaBloPoMo for a whole month! Although, I snuck in just under the timer with the weekend posts…

I have no clue what to write about, except – I have a Dexcom question.

How long does it take your Dexcom to “settle in?”

It seems like I may not be giving it too much of chance.

My issue is that frequently, Dexcom doesn’t go “on” for hours. And it’s happened more than once.

This past Friday, I put in a new sensor. Did the two hour thing. It asked for the two BGs. I put them in. It came up with a number. And within 30 minutes I got the ???. I gave it six hours and then put in a new one. That one did the same darn thing. But by that time, it was time to hit the bed so I left it alone. The next morning, it was “on” but with no graph for the whole night. It’s been fine since then. So it’s good for now.

So, my question. How long do you wait before giving up on the ???Dexcom?

9 thoughts on “No clue, but, have a Dexcom question

  1. I had a problem with this early on and actually called Dexcom about it. They suggested waiting at least 3 hours, then putting in a new sensor. I think if you called them, they might replace the sensors that acted up (you might have to send the weird ones back to them). But if it’s working now, I guess you don’t want to mess with it. I’ve only had problems on my second week on a sensor, when i can’t really complain, since I’m already past the time it’s supposed to work :/ Sorry – this doesn’t really seem like much help. Normally, I don’t have a “settling in” time – after the two hour warm up, things perk along just fine. It does lose me at night at times, with a hour or two gap for a reason I can’t figure out. Maybe it needs a nap too?

    • They (Dexcom) have replaced them each time, so that’s not my problem. It usually… only happens when I put in a new sensor. It just seems like my sensors have a tougher time getting to work. Oh well. I totally believe in naps – just not for the sensor! 🙂

  2. I find it varies. I once got advice from a user who got this advice from her doctor, to insert the sensor but let it “get wet” for 24 hours before starting it on the receiver. I do find that that helps, but I’m an inpatient person and find myself using this approach less and less. There are times when it comes right on and is good – those are rare. I think about 24 hours is normal, but sometimes longer. It’s often, particularly if we insert at night, that the first thing Dexie says to me is ???. But if I’m patient it usually comes back and we move along pretty well from there.

    • I don’t think I have enough patience to have diabetes. Oh well… Will try a pre-start next time just to check it out.
      Thanks for your advice!

  3. Not sure if this is user manual protocol but I just stop and restart the sensor. Typically its a “settling in” issue. Another 2 hours and 2 finger sticks later things usually work. Another thing I personally notice is the more it hurts going in the more likely I am to get the ???

  4. We have not had the “???” issues with Joe’s Dexcom. I find that it can take a couple of days for our numbers to “Jive” though. Good luck!!!

  5. Hmmm… mine seem to work right away. The graph is “wavier” in the beginning then it is a few days later when I think it has really settled in. I only get the ??? when the sensor is on it’s way out.

    How long have you had yours? Could it be a transmitter getting old?

  6. Mine usually asks for the 2 tests after 2 hours. I’m like Sara.. .it usually takes a day or two for the numbers to settle in. I haven’t worn it for 2 weeks though. I was having some LARGE discrepancies and it was really stressing me out. I’ve done so much better, just testing my blood. DH starts traveling again, next week, so I’ll probably pop one in this weekend.

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