I really dislike word verifications…

Blogger is now using something like this for word verification, to prove I’m not a robot.

Sadly, that 12 up there, immediately looked like “T2” to me.

I understand why it needs to be done. But, it’s still annoying.

9 thoughts on “I really dislike word verifications…

  1. If Blogger wanted to make Captcha fun, they’d let the individual bloggers choose the phrases that appear. They could be appropriate, like “rage bolus”, “humalog pen”, “bgnow 104”, or “banting genius”. Then I wouldn’t mind figuring out the puzzles. But stuff like “12 psgereb” is just annoying.

  2. oh colleen, i’m right there with you! i absolutely hate word verification. some days, i try 2-3 different times before i finally get it right!!

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