Food Tricks

Seven years ago, when I was diagnosed, I thought I’d never be able to eat ice cream (and a whole bunch of other stuff) again. Thankfully, I quickly found the DOC, and learned that not only could I eat ice cream but all sorts of fun stuff. As long as I learned how to take care of myself when eating that ice cream. The ads say, “Drink responsibly.” I had to learn how to “Eat responsibly.”

Attending the initial d-classes was depressing, except for the day we met with the nutritionist. She was awesome and wearing a pump! And a medical ID. She had personality and convinced me (us) that eating diabetically wasn’t really going to be the chore I was dreading. The plastic food though, that was kind of gross. The one food that depressed me? The teeny, tiny serving of spaghetti! I used to throw pasta in a bowl with some butter and cheese, and considered it a snack. Guess that wasn’t going to happen.

I use measuring cups and I even bought a scale. Rice – I use a measuring cup. Spaghetti goes on the scale, sometimes strand by strand…

And you know what? It’s not so bad. If you spread the rice/spaghetti out on your plate, it looks like more.

The ice cream? I use the measuring cup and a teeny, tiny bowl. Then I use a small spoon to eat it and it seems like a whole lot more.

It’s easier for us I think, as we don’t have any children living at home. Our pantry is full of soups and sauces (umm, and some booze), not cookies and chips and snacks.

There are no pizzas in the freezer (there is ice cream…). Even better, we don’t have a pizza place that would deliver to us out here in the woods.

And the ice cream. I can do that now without even using the measuring cup!

And you should see just how clean that teeny, tiny bowl is when I’m done!

7 thoughts on “Food Tricks

  1. oh colleen, you are awesome!! i don’t eat ice cream often anymore, but when i do we have a place here in town that serves “baby cones”. they are the best; a teeny tine cone, with a teeny tiny scoop of ice cream. just perfect!

  2. I take a container of fat free yogurt, such as Light ‘n’ Fit, put it in the freezer, and in a couple hours I have a 100 calorie portion of frozen yogurt in a yummy flavor. Or, take the vanilla flavor and put fruit on it. Pretty much takes the edge off a craving every time.
    I also one time tried putting the yogurt in an ice cream tray to have mini-portions, but, one was never enough.

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