I forgot it…

I left my meter at home when we went to church Saturday night. Not a big deal, usually, as we live very close but…

Dexcom started beeping halfway through and said I was low (50 something). I opened my purse and silently cursed (very silently as I was in church…) when I realized I’d left the meter at home. I didn’t feel low but… It was also a new sensor, but… I thought I’d swallow a couple of Skittles, just in case. Well, damn. They weren’t in my purse either. They were on the kitchen counter, next to the meter.

Left the church – went to my car – got a very warm juice box (ick) and drank it. Then I went back into church.

When I got home, BG was 213. Guess Dexcom was wrong…

Tonight I will put another juice box in my car. I will put a package of Skittles in my purse and one in the car.

And hopefully, I’ll remember my meter in the morning.

Meanwhile, I think I’ll buy another mini OneTouch to keep in my office (I work at the church).

And yes, I know I should have some glucose tabs. I’ve bought them and never used them and then they expire. Maybe I’ll add that to my list of things I should really do…


8 thoughts on “I forgot it…

  1. The never ending list of things to do……..ah, bugger.

    Glad it’s better now 🙂

  2. You know, Colleen, those One Touch mini’s don’t even come with a few strips. You’d think they could include just a couple…..
    I kept a spare meter at work but never used it, only to find that the one time I needed it, the battery had gone dead…..

  3. You did the right thing – better to correct down a high than pass out from a low!! And the second meter to keep at work is a great idea!!

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