Sympathy for… me…

Tomorrow I have a dental appointment for some gum surgery.

Eww, gag, cry…

I don’t like going to the dentist. I have never, ever liked going to the dentist. Way back when I was young, there was a commercial where the kid comes out of the dentist’s office, grinning and shouting, “Look Ma, no cavities!”

I never got to say that to my mom.

My dentist is a nice guy but, he’s still a dentist.

So, tomorrow afternoon I may die. Probably not, but I think I’ll feel like it.

I get to take a valium before I go. I’ve never taken valium…

And 4 amoxicillin.

I’ll be there – but I don’t wanna!

PS – Probably, the person who will need the sympathy will be M. He’ll have to put up with me. I don’t think it’ll be easy.



6 thoughts on “Sympathy for… me…

  1. I’m sending you all kinds of good thoughts and healthy, fast-healing vibes, and trust that it will go much better than you might expect. I had to have some gum issues treated last spring, and while I was terrified (and pissed, b/c I’d never heard about all the stupid connections between gums and diabetes before then), it went fine. be nice to yourself, take it easy and eat squooshy things for a while during the recovery process. Then meet or make friends with your water pik…I’m still in the “getting to know you” stage with mine, but I know it would make a big difference if I used it regularly. You’ll be fine. Thinking of you…

  2. the dentist. not a favourite place for most people. i’m sure the Valium will help, hoping all goes well and you have a fast recovery. M will take good care of you i’m sure!

  3. So how’d it go? I’m hoping the fear was all in your mind and you got through just fine. Hoping positive thinking leads to positive results.

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