A mushy couple of days

It’s been an interesting couple of days… a little painful… a little annoying… a little confusing…

On Thursday I had some gum surgery. The dentist had given me a prescription for 2 valium with instructions to take one before the appointment and bring the other one with me. I took the one and was awed that I could feel the difference within 15 minutes. Also took 4 amoxicillin.

M drove me over – good thing as I don’t think I would have gotten there after the valium.

The surgery itself wasn’t so bad – lots of pulling (no, not teeth), pushing and stuff in my mouth. Watching him put the stitches in – long black thread going in and out of my mouth… was strange. I was in the chair about an hour and a half.

Dexcom said I was at about 100 when the surgery started. I gave the dentist and his tech a quick Dexcom lesson and left it sitting on my lap. I told the dentist I had some juice in my purse if needed. He said he had a frosting tube on hand, just in case. When I was just about finished it said 180. When I got home, it was back down to 90 something.

So, it hasn’t been near as uncomfortable or bad or downright painful as I thought it would be.

He did prescribe a non Tylenol pain med at my request due to the Dexcom. I only took half of one, otherwise Advil seems to be helping. But, my BGs have been on a rollercoaster since the surgery and Dexcom hasn’t always been right. I think it’s just having a tough time keeping up with the changes.

My face is still a little swollen, but I just look a little funny, not a lot funny. (I looked more funny yesterday 😦 )

I’m very tired of the soft, mushy foods. Tonight’s treat? A baked potato!

I’ve eaten yogurt, jello, pudding, scrambled eggs, ice cream 🙂 and applesauce for long enough. This afternoon’s lunch was an egg salad sandwich with careful chewing on one side of the mouth only. Egg salad without celery or onions isn’t the greatest but at this point, it tasted wonderful.

Stitches come out on Thursday!

Wonder if I should take the other valium when the stitches are removed – nah…

Oh – thank you to those who commented with good wishes. I really appreciated that!


7 thoughts on “A mushy couple of days

  1. I HATE the dentist! I have Valium here (leftover from chemo) I never thought of taking it. I’ll do that next time. My baby teeth came in with no enamel. So, I’ve had plenty of time staring at my mouth reflecting off the dentist’s glasses. I’m with you. I go because I have to.
    Glad you made it through ok. Good luck with the stitches. That actually feels better; getting them out I mean.

  2. It’s awful that the only soft foods I can think of at the moment are high carb – ice cream being my favorite. It’s not only the taste but also the texture that I crave. Good luck with the stitches. If I remember correctly it’s not a bad procedure. Save the valium for one of those days from Hades that come along sometimes.

  3. Wow. One Valium knocks me out, completely. So glad M drove you cuz you would have been a basketcase.
    How could you stand to have your mouth open for 90 minutes? I had TM dysfunction several years ago and ever since, I get jaw pain at the dentist.
    But, an ounce of prevention……

  4. I’m late on blog reading, but glad to hear it went well. Isn’t it amazing how things affect our blood sugar – though it’s not fun watching the bg roller coaster!!

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