Obladi Oblada

Listen! (while you read this very short list)


  • Go see what Kim has for you if you’re going to be at FFL.
  • I’d love to go to FFL, but I was NEVER a child with diabetes.
  • And… I’d probably fall asleep just as it was getting fun…
  • Getting older can suck but as my dad said, “It’s better than the alternative.”
  • My maiden name is Desmond. (listen to the song…)
  • The stitches in my mouth come out tomorrow!
  • I ordered a new Dexcom today, one year exactly from my first Dexcom order.
  • Our renovations are getting closer to being done. Thank God, as it seems like it’s taking forever!
  • I ate dinner an hour ago and Dexcom says 92. Huh?
  • I think I’ll have some ice cream.
  • Meter says 160 but I’m still going to have some ice cream.
  • Joe has had the nicest school nurse, ever!
  • Joanne is expecting #3! Congratulations!!
  • Moms and Dads of d-kids? Simply awesome…
  • I have to do blood work tomorrow – no coffee until done. Yuck!
  • Dexcom now says, “???.”

Some reno photos…

9 thoughts on “Obladi Oblada

  1. I loved your bullet points, especially the ice cream part. I too would be asleep when the fun starts, just not a late night person anymore:)

  2. Please, please consider going next year.

    I was NEVER a child with diabetes. Diagnosed a week before I turned 22.

    The first time I attended Friends for Life I was 26 or 27. I PROMISE you can go too! 😀

  3. I thought that bullet-list would end with one final item: “Life goes on,” no?

    I love ice cream. The DOC has this thing for cupcakes which I don’t quite understand. For me, I pick ice cream ten times out of ten.

  4. I LOVE the pictures! such a cute bullet list!
    and I was never a CWD either and I’m going to FFL. But thats because TT1 is sending me 😉

    also, I’m always the first one to disappear to go to bed. I can’t stay up late.

  5. i would like to go to FFL. i guess i better start saving now for next year! your reno is going to look awesome when it’s done if i can go by the pictures!! i’ll take ice cream over cupcakes any day!

  6. I would kill (not really but it makes the point) for the view in the last photo. I live in the flatlands of NE Kansas – often boring.

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