Blood in the morning…

Up early this morning for a 7am appointment for the lab. I truly, really, honestly despise doing fasting lab work. I don’t mind the arm stick. I don’t mind watching my blood rush into the tube(s).

But the fasting – is a pain – as I truly, honestly need coffee in the morning.

I’m a morning person – up at the crack of dawn. I don’t use an alarm clock! I’m just up, awake and ready to get started on my day – after my coffee.

Last night Dexcom did it’s beep, beep you’re low thing. I refused to mess up the fasting thing. I stupidly (yup, me) didn’t test (the meter was right there on the nightstand). What’d I do? I suspended the pump at 3am.

Woke up at 5 (see, I told you… although that’s a little early even for me…), Dexcom said 50 something. Tested and meter said 120. (I know, I know. I should have tested at 3am.) Ok, not so bad, unsuspended, but within an hour was at 200+. Guess that 3-5am basal insulin was important…

I was at the lab at 7am. Did the blood – even got to do a pee test, too. (Whoopee, right!?)

Got home and now am enjoying my 3rd cup of coffee.

With the A1c done – had a lovely, carby breakfast!

I don’t work on Fridays. The construction people are here, hammering/drilling away.

Happy Weekend!

7 thoughts on “Blood in the morning…

  1. I’m not diabetic — but I have other issues that demand those fasting tests. I really hate them, too!!!

  2. Ugh, not having coffee is the worst part of fasting blood work for me too. And yes, I always celebrate with extra carb the day my blood work is drawn too!! Hope you are enjoying your day off.

  3. Fasting labs stink. I’ve been low before them, and I just pop a glucose tab or two and don’t tell anyone. It’s only glucose, so it shouldn’t affect my cholesterol or whatever other stuff they’re measuring that requires fasting.

    On the other hand, I once had an infusion set failures the night before a fasting lab. The BG in the 400s and purple-ketone type. Fortunately, I got down to about 120-130 when my blood was drawn, and was down to 60 or so by the time I got my coffee. (Which was about 45 seconds after I left the lab!).

    It’s important to remember what they’re measuring that requires fasting. Most of the stuff doesn’t even matter. I’d bet even coffee doesn’t affect those things, but I’m not quite sure.

  4. Hah – there is a coffee shop right by my lab. And they have ice cold Coke Zero and blueberry muffins and delicious flatbread breakfast sandwiches.

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