I Can Smile

I’ve been using Dexcom for a year.

I can smile now when I remember my first insert – I thought I was going to die. Nah, not from pain, but embarrassment.

Last year’s post – http://wp.me/p1yRvo-fu

It’s gotten easier, just like everything else related to having diabetes. It doesn’t mean I like it. Just that it’s not as scary.

I can smile now when I think about my first month or so of Ping pump inset inserts (say that fast a few times 🙂 ). (Husband and I would get everything out – set it on a clean towel on the table – read the directions over and over and over.)

I can smile now when I think about my first pen injection (In the car, in the dark and guess who forgot to dial up any insulin? So I had to stick it in again.)

I can smile now when I remember my first comment on a d-blog. I don’t even remember whose blog it was but I remember being worried that someone would think, “Who the heck is this person?”

And when I finally wrote/blogged about diabetes – I can remember the first comment. I still smile thinking about it. Made my day!

Anyway, back to the Dexcom.

Because of d-bloggers, I know that the warranty is good for a year on the Dexcom. No one from Dexcom contacted me (???). (Hmmm, maybe they’re like the ??? on the Dexcom.) In any case, I called to check on it and ask, “Should I order a new one?”

It arrived last week. I haven’t plugged it in yet as the sensor I’m using right now is doing okay so I’m not going to change it, yet…

The clunky black case is a little different.

 They still sent the icky gray silicone case.

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4 Responses to I Can Smile

  1. Molly says:

    It’s kinda fun remembering the hard things, and how you got through it, isn’t it? You can do this!

    That gray case is icky… agreed!

    Have a nice weekend!!

  2. gogogone says:

    Reading your posts make me smile-happy 1 year Dexcom-ver-sary! I’m glad it’s not quite so scary anymore.You are brave & fearless leaving blog comments & I don’t think anybody could possibly mind…I know it makes my day cheerier to get them.Rock on!

  3. Karen says:

    Happy happy Dexaversary!!!! Reading over your first year memories made me smile – I remember hearing the injection without insulin one before and it always makes me giggle and very glad to know it’s not just me who does those things!!

  4. babscampbell says:

    oooh, I’m probably reaching warranty too. . .better check on that!

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