D in the boonies

Today was fascinating. I’m a member of the TuDiabetes Dexcom group and an email floated in this afternoon, with someone visiting our area, who needed to charge her Dexcom.

Hey guys, Any Dexcom users near Lake Winnipesaukee in NH who would let me use their charger for an hour in exchange for a coffee/beer/hilarious diabetes stories? I’m up here through Monday and my Dex is beeping ominously about its battery being near death. I can drive to wherever and we can meet up at a coffee shop or something and I would even pay for some Dex charging time.

I didn’t know her but – this is the DOC, right?

I replied to her TuD note and then found her on Twitter.

Lake Winnipesaukee is huge but, turned out she was just down our road. She came and I loaned her the cord. (I have two, since receiving Dex #2 a couple of weeks ago.)

Her mom came with her – just a tad worried about “who” you meet on the internet. I don’t blame her. When Nina came in I asked her, “What did your mom think of you driving to a stranger’s house?” Nina said, “Oh, she’s out in the car.”

I’m awed by the whole experience. And no, she certainly wasn’t in dangerous need of a Dexcom cord, but she said she really didn’t want to go through the night without it. I totally understand.

She also had her Dexcom receiver in her arm. I am really hoping she’ll be back for a visit and will give me a hand trying that. Yes, Kim, I know I can do that but I’d sure like to have someone here who has done that.

And yes, we took a photo!



14 thoughts on “D in the boonies

  1. Oh Colleen – you might have been an ax murderer luring people onto that new porch LOL just kidding. What a meaningful coincidence that you lived in the area!!

  2. oh Colleen, you were in the right place at the right time! how awesome is that!! someone was watching over Nina and knew you’d be able to help! You Rock! =)

  3. Ha! Love the title of this blog. But moreso, I love how TuD helped make this connection!

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