Climb Every Mountain

This week’s bg’s have been brought to me by that inspirational song from “The Sound of Music.”

Love the show, love the tunes – don’t love this week’s ups and downs.

I work at a church and this week the 8th graders are there for some classes. They stay through lunch and I have had lunch with them each day. It’s a little…, oh, who am I kidding… it’s a lot more carby than I usually eat – a whole lot more carby! I’ve tried to be conservative and I’ve tried to do my best at guessing carbs.

BUT – every day, the Dexcom shows a HUGE mountain. I’ve been patient with it, tested and followed my Ping’s advice as to corrections. And Dexcom was just buzzing away as I tried to finish up my work afternoon. Ping usually said not to correct… so I didn’t. Probably a good thing…

Here’s today’s photo for your enjoyment.

How high will it go?

So, as I was watching the line go down, down, down… I sat at my desk here at home reading what the d-world had to say today. As it (the line, not the d-world) kept sinking, I tested, poured myself a small glass of orange juice and reached SixUntilMe on my Google Reader. (Yes, I usually read them in order – I’m lazy like that.) Turns out Kerri was writing about the juice thing also.

And then I thought about blogging and how it’s nice to find others who have been there, done that; especially when you’re in the middle of being there, doing that yourself. Karen just about depleted her jelly bean stash the other night. And Kelly ended up with the EMTs at her house one night. Liz posted a photo of a Nature Valley bar that I haven’t looked for yet, but want to find cuz it looks yummy and it’s 14 carbs.

I’ll keep plodding/blogging along. I learn something new every day. I know that I’m not alone.

Oh yeah – I don’t work on Fridays, so back to my normal low carb lunch. Thank goodness!

2 thoughts on “Climb Every Mountain

  1. Colleen – did you feel sort of worn out after being that high and then dropping? I find that the longer I have db (or maybe it’s the older I get, as, of course, they do coincide) the less I can comfortably tolerate wide bg swings. I’m sure I was widely swinging every day in my 20’s and it never bothered me. I had a ton of energy and focus. But now, not so much.

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