29 – I don’t think so…

Went back to my normal low carb lunch on Friday and on Friday evening, before dinner, while sitting and chatting, Dexcom did the buzz, buzz, beep, beep thing. I don’t even remember what it said but, I tested. The meter said 29.

I just knew it was wrong (I really, really hoped it was wrong) but OMG, I’ve never seen anything that low on my meter. Husband said, “Where’s the glucagon?” (He knows where it is.) I think the fear of him having to use it (and the fact that I knew (dearly hoped) it was wrong)… helped. Tested again immediately and meter said… 60.

What if that had been my last test strip?
What if I didn’t have a Dexcom?
What if I was a child?
What if I didn’t know to test again? (Thank you, DOC!)
What if it had really been 29?

And no, I didn’t take any photos.




2 thoughts on “29 – I don’t think so…

  1. colleen, i’m so glad it wasn’t really 29 and i’m sorry you had to have that scare. diabetes is a bitch, and she doesn’t play fair, but then sometimes our vital technology likes to be a bitch too!!! glad you re-tested and everything turned out alright. but you are so right, and the developers of our tools need to know about these episodes, because if you hadn’t known better, or if the test said you were 300 instead of 29 imagine what could have happened!

  2. I’m afraid I would’ve had a heart attack! I’ve only been <30 2X and both times I couldn't communicate or help myself. Whew! Glad you're ok!

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