Quick P.S.

As some know, I work at a church. On Monday, someone had mailed a check (to the church, not me) but –  with a note to me.

It said, “Thank you for helping out my niece last week with her cord.”

I wrote about the young woman looking to charge her Dexcom while visiting Lake Winnipesaukee. D in the boonies

The note this week… I’m still smiling…

You know, if you have to have a sucky disease, isn’t it nice to have one where you can find such great friends?

And – Nina dropped off some flowers when she returned the cord.

5 thoughts on “Quick P.S.

  1. I agree with Kim and Charlie. The little things make all the difference, and the memory stays with you for a lifetime.

  2. That was so nice, Colleen. I always appreciate those small moments of thoughtfulness. We should do more of that for one another, like the “random act of kindness” deal.

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