Thursday is Friday!

Our office is closed on Fridays – um, because I don’t work on Fridays. So my favorite day is Thursday!

Some notes from this week…

  • The heat has reached NH. No, it’s not 100 but it feels hot… and muggy… and the AC went on today…
  • I miss lemonade. I wasn’t even picky about lemonade (bd -before d-). I just bought the cartons in the grocery store and poured it over a large glass with ice. I miss lemonade.
  • A slice of lemon in an icy glass of water isn’t the same but I can pretend.
  • Corn on the cob this year is yummy and totally bolus worthy.
  • I feel guilty enjoying the corn and watching the drought news on TV.
  • We will celebrate our 38th wedding anniversary this month. We’re awed but not really surprised. (And… we’ve decided no one else would want either one of us…)
  • Save all anniversary comments until then. (I’ll let you know when.) Cuz I really, really love comments!
  • Do you realize I’ve been married longer than some of my readers have been alive?
  • I just figured out that the Ping warranty is 4 years – thought it was five. So, I’d like pump makers to develop the perfect pump before I have to buy a new one in a year and a half.
  • I have two FB accounts. One to bore my family with our house reconstruction stuff and the other to bore you with. If you’re stuck with both and don’t want to be looking at my house photos, feel free to get rid of the one with my maiden name included. Please keep the d FB!
  • Have you seen all the “Do you remember this?” photos on FB? I know what every single one of them is.

And finally. How come the battery in my Ping says, “Change battery soon.” right after I’ve done a site change?

Oops – favorite video this week – Kelly eating cotton candy for the very first time!
Shoot – messed up the link. It’s fixed now.

7 thoughts on “Thursday is Friday!

  1. I love the Do You Remember – really brings back the memories.
    I did so want a Princess phone. The “doctor’s daughter” (and hence wealthiest) in my home town had one. Heck, she even had her own phone #.
    I have been making refrigerator pickles like crazy – found several salt-free recipes online. Went to the Farmer’s Market today and no body had any dill, except one vendor, so I snatched it up only to later realize that it was waaaaay past its prime. Live and learn.
    Have a good weekend.

  2. Crystal Light Lemonade is pretty good, not as good as Country Time, but it is a pretty good substitute.

    Will be 31 years for us this year, I do I believe I fall in the same category with you.

    I remember a good number of those “Do you remember” photos as well.

    And I won’t say Happy Anniversary!!!:) (till your anniversary post)

    Have a great day!!:)

  3. yup, crystal lite lemonade is pretty good, and corn on the cob is most definately bolus worthy!! we have been eating it like crazy and so far my BG’s are liking it! (now i probably jinxed myself!). i will have to add you to my FB, and i love reno pics!! LOL!
    we’ve been married for 30 years and we say the same thing, but funny enough so do our kids!

  4. I’ll start my anniversary post today……..Happy…………….
    Love reading your blog and now I will have to “friend” you on FB!!!

  5. I’m a big fan of ice water with some fresh squeezed lemon juice and slices. I think it’s better than the over sweetened lemonade. What I miss is grapefruit juice – I don’t think squeezing fresh grapefruit into ice water has the same effect at all. eew.
    You’ve been married longer than I’ve been alive, yup! but they’re just numbers.

  6. Yup! You’ve been married a few years longer than I’ve been alive, but I still think you are cool 😛

    If you don’t mind artificial sweeteners, I like Crystal Light’s pink lemonade.

  7. I have the same wish for the perfect pump being developed before my Ping warranty is up! And I remember all the “Do you remember this?” pictures too…..and all the amazing Olympic athletes from the past that they highlight – my kids just look at me and say “who’s that?”!

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