Another one, really!

Look who I met this week!

We’re having a church photo directory done this year and this is one of the Lifetouch photographers. When she walked in yesterday, she was busy unloading cameras and stuff and computers when I spotted a green Ping. I called out her name and pointed to mine. Instant friendship!

Instant d-educating also as I told her we had to have a pic for my blog and people asked, “What are those?” So there were the two of us showing our tubing and insets. Well, she showed her inset, mine’s on my leg this week.

I’ve had my Ping since December ’09 and until this summer very rarely spotted anyone with a pump. Erika is my second instant Ping buddy – out here in the boonies…

So, I’m still smiling.


6 thoughts on “Another one, really!

  1. Cool! I ran into a fellow MedT pumper at a recent event, too. Didn’t really know what to say though, so we didn’t talk too much. He didn’t seem that talkative, and we certainly didn’t take a photo.

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