Keeping up with…

Keeping up with health appointments is exhausting. You know that, but I still want to whine. And today’s appointments had absolutely nothing to do with diabetes!

This morning was a cleaning appointment at the dentist’s. The tech who I allow to reach into my mouth is a nice lady and she’s been warned that as a child, I bit a dentist one day. She’s calm, she’s gentle and so I show up for regular cleaning appointments. BUT, this morning she did the ultra sonic cleaning thing on the teeth where I had the surgery in June. That wasn’t a good idea. Needless to say, those got cleaned the old-fashioned way as she said, “Oh, I guess it’s still sensitive there?” And no, I didn’t bite her – nor did I curse. I did jump at least a foot off the chair…

*Wonderful husband story – While I was in the dentist’s office, he drove over, took my car and filled it with gas. Yeah, I married a really good guy.

Went to work for an hour and then drove to Concord (which is why I needed the gas) for my annual dermatologist appointment. Surgery in 2006 took care of a basal cell on my forehead and so, now I go once a year for a regular check. This isn’t a bad appointment but it can be a little painful and I always feel like an idiot standing there with the gown on as we expose various areas of my body looking for any unusual skin things. The painful (not bad, just startling) part is the frozen nitrogen spray on any of those unusual skin things. Today – two on my face and one on the top of my head. I’m not a sun person but with my fair skin and freckles, any sun can be bad. I give my parents lots of credit for attempting to keep my skin safe as a child but – in college I had some really, really bad sunburns. (And a diabetes connection – the doctor’s son has Type 1 Diabetes.)

BGs stayed fairly calm, even if I didn’t.

Final words… Use sunscreen, and brush and floss your teeth!

4 thoughts on “Keeping up with…

  1. I was going to say that you are lucky you didn’t go running out and find your car not there, but since you later said you needed gas, I am guessing you knew he was going to do that!

    I had that frozen nitrogen stuff on my back – you are right, it isn’t painful but I did jump because it was strange.

  2. I’ve had a basal cell removed too and go through the yearly skin check as well. My derm loves to biopsy things so I usually go home with a sore spot or two. I don’t mind the liquid nitrogen. It’s kind of cool (pun intended) to watch your skin freeze and turn white.

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