What a rotten night!

From last week, but not posted until today, because I’m still somewhat hesitant of putting my stupidity out on the WWW…

20 hours of “How could I be so stupid?”

As I finally figured out this morning that it was a bad – crunched – bent cannula that had been causing my high, high, this sucks blood sugars since about 2 pm yesterday, it came to me that having diabetes is like having a baby. Sometimes you try everything in your brain to make your baby comfortable and after all that rocking, singing, feeding, changing, burping, etc… it turns out to be something simple that is causing all the crying.

Just before lunch on Wednesday, at the office, I snagged my inset (on my leg) (yes, I was in the bathroom...) on my pants (actually, it was the Dexcom in my pocket that caught it…) and – it fell out. No big deal, I had a spare ready (unlike the last time). (See, I do learn from my mistakes.) Inserted the inset, bolused for lunch and continued working through the afternoon. Dexcom buzzed and since I’ve been spiking some days, I didn’t worry about it. At 3:30, the meter said 303. Not good. I did a correction, closed the office at 4, and came home. By 5 it was even higher. I even tested for ketones – they were there, but not bad. I had the new inset so decided to open a new vial of insulin and just do a reservoir change.

Morning – well, before morning… Dexcom woke me at 5 to tell me I was over 300.

And here’s where I got stupid (or tired, or high, or fed up).
I did a correction. I drank water. I waited.
No change…
So I decided to use one of my Novolog pens and see if that would help. Being cautious (and tired, high) I just did 2 units.
And went back to bed.
Woke up around 7:00, laid in the bed thinking. Tested, no real change and wondered if I’d used Novolog or not.

I didn’t – it was Levemir. So that didn’t help…

Took off the inset below.
I know, it’s a fuzzy photo – so was I when I took it.


Over corrected, because the Ping thinks I’ve had gobs of insulin. I must have been getting some, but certainly not much. I called the office and said I was sick. That’s a first.

And by noon, all was good. But I still felt like a blob of nothing.

As I sat here this morning feeling sorry for myself, I did, as I almost always do, think of the children who deal with this, think of the DOC people who grew up with this.

I know stuff happens. I know we all have bad days/nights. I know I can’t be perfect. I know I’m lucky to have the DOC available.

And yeah, I also know that the inset is probably the first thing I should have ripped out. Oh well…

10 thoughts on “What a rotten night!

  1. You are NOT stupid. With so many things to deal with at so many tims, it’s ok to have days like this. 🙂

  2. Oh sister, those extended highs leave me sapped of strength for at least a couple of days, even after things return to normal. And it seems that now the “Post high effect” is worse than it used to be – don’t know if it’s from having db for so long, or from being older.
    Hope you can spend some time relaxing on your lovely new porch.

  3. Glad you finally got it figured out. I liked your comparison to a baby, I sometimes feel that diabetes is a big ole’ baby with all that comes with it, including the huge diaper bag to carry everything, except it’s missing the joy I received from my babies.

  4. You are NOT stupid There are so many things that it could be, it is impossible to always pick the first one right. You know if you had pulled the inset, it would have been the insulin that was bad.

  5. awww colleen, diabetes IS a big baby, and doesn’t always play fair! and with highs like that, you just try one thing at a time. sometimes the first thing works, but usually it’s the last thing. its like looking for lost keys, they’re always the last place you look! anyway glad you’re feeling better now!!

  6. Stuff happens..after all these years with D,feels like I still guess right only 1% of the time. I hope you feel better soon!!

  7. (ok,just saw this post is from last week..(sorry)I need to read more carefully before I hit “publish”) anyway..its always live/learn with diabetes!)

  8. Aww man….that stinks!!! And it is so helpful to know that being high for so long makes you feel like a “blob of nothing”….I don’t know how Joe feels and sometimes I think I push him too hard. xo

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  10. No no no no – you are not stupid!!!! There are so many things that can throw diabetes into a tail-spin, so it’s not wonder it took a while to figure out it was a bad site. How are you supposed to know?? It’s not like you could SEE the bad cannula hiding out beneath your skin. Diabetes is stupid, not you!!

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