Ow, ow, this hurts…

Apparently, I have somehow, I don’t know how, developed a pinched nerve, probably in my neck. This pinched nerve has the ability to cause pain all the way down my right arm, along with pins and needles feelings in my fingers.

After three weeks of the above pain, I saw my PCP on Friday and that’s what she thinks I’m suffering from. X-rays were done and a PT appointment is scheduled.

It hurts. It’s annoying.

But, Advil helps and since living on it (the Advil) for the last 3 weeks, I’ve had some great blood sugars. Seriously, the total daily dose thing on the Ping shows mine at much less than usual.

I spent my morning watching the clock and thinking of Meri and her boys and her family.

I spent my afternoon with my husband trying to keep the construction tent in our driveway from doing the Wizard of Oz thing, flying up into the sky. He emptied the tent. One of the construction guys came over and they parked the tractor in the tent and then tied the tent to the tractor. That should work. I hope.

The rain arrived this evening and the lights have been blinking for the last half hour or so. We can hear the fire alarms from our local fire station (several miles away) and they’ve been going off many times in the last hour. If you have power (we do, right now…) our electric company posts the outages online. We live where the one red dot is…

Endo appointment this week!

8 thoughts on “Ow, ow, this hurts…

  1. I had a pinched nerve when I was in college – that hurts! Hopefully you don’t have to deal with that much longer. They gave me a muscle relaxer and that helped (don’t ask the name because that was too long ago!).

    I hope you don’t lose power from the storm!

  2. This sure was some nasty weather coming through today! We were driving through Queens, NY through some treacherous weather while (I found out later) a tornado warning was in effect – and two reportedly touched down in the area – at the same time. Scary! Smart move by the contractors to tie the tent down to the tractor.

    Regarding the pinched nerve, don’t underestimate the benefits of chiropractic. My wife has had some nerve-related issues, and chiro was the only thing that helped (it’s drug-free too! Don’t know how it works on blood sugars though!)

    Not a day has gone by since last Sunday…actually, even earlier than that… that I haven’t thought about Meri and her family. I just can’t imagine what it must be like, and am always amazed at what keeps her going…

  3. Glad you found out what’s happening with your arm pain. PT has worked wonders for my bone spur, I was living on Naproxen or 800 mg of motrin for quite some time, but once the immobilized my wrist for a couple weeks I now have very little pain & only wear the brace at night. Hope you have good luck with it:)

  4. Hope you are more comfortable soon Colleen! We had crazy weather here last evening too. Huge wind gusts and rain.

    Good luck at Endo!

  5. Colleen, I feel like I have been away for awhile but I wasn’t just caught up in life outside the computer! I feel like I am catching up with an old friend to go back and read your blog posts. I hope the pt helps – it should.
    Take care, Carol

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