What a Great Endo Appointment!

I’m going to wait to title this (hope I don’t forget…).
I’m writing a post on a Friday night… but the night sounds are beautiful, the acorns keep falling and bouncing on the deck. It’s really quite nice…

Went to the endo today. Second appointment with Endo #4. I loved the first appointment and today, well, today was even better.

The office is a little over an hour away. It was a simply gorgeous day for driving down I93. Not much traffic as I was heading south and the sun was shining and I had the radio loud and since I was by myself, I could sing!

Arm is still paining so I also did some arm stretching since it’s my right arm and no one was in the passenger seat.

I cannot imagine what anyone thought if they saw this person with her arm stretched out and obviously talking/singing to no one. Oh well.

I’d done all the requested lab work back in June before my PCP appointment and just to be sure, had faxed everything to the endo’s office this week. Even called to make sure they got it.

I uploaded my Ping to Diasend (had some problems, called, had to wait for a call back when Christy politely reminded me that I had to suspend the pump before it would connect… I knew that. I just didn’t do that…) Incidentally, it uploaded much faster than it has in the past. Yay!

I let Dr. G know via email that my info was on Diasend and she let me know that she’d gotten it and was concerned about the lows the last couple of weeks. I’m calling it the Advil treatment.

So, the nurse, whom I hadn’t met, did the weight, BP and A1c. (The MA was out sick.) She’s also the CDE, was dx’d at 17, wears a Ping and a Dexcom. She came back in a few minutes with an orange sticky and I asked for the number. She gave it to me and I did a little cheer. I don’t like posting A1c’s but, today’s was the lowest since I was diagnosed back in 2005.

Dr. G. came in and we talked about the lows. She suggested I work with temporary basals more often to help. She sat next to me and basically said I’m doing great. She said she’s awed with my understanding of d and working with carbs, insulin and the pump.

I wouldn’t be where I am today without the d-bloggers. I told her I don’t panic because someone else has already posted a similar situation. I SWAG because I’ve learned from some of the best. I choose what to eat because I’ve learned from some of the best. I thoroughly enjoyed a (small) piece of Key Lime pie yesterday because – you know… I told her about writing about my bent cannula and feeling stupid and that people commented (thank you!) and let me know I wasn’t stupid – that Karen said, “Diabetes is stupid!” She laughed. And then I told her about Meri, and the boys, and Ryan – and she got tears in her eyes. I told her I’ve not met most of these people but that I depend on them for support, hugs, advice.

Called M as soon as I got to the parking lot and just said the number – and he was appropriately congratulatory.

Did some shopping on the way back north. Went to Chili’s by myself and ate a cheeseburger and less than half of the fries!

And so, as I’ve said in the past, thank you to everyone who takes the time to write about their diabetes. It’s kept me sane – well, as sane as I can be these days…

Love you all!

9 thoughts on “What a Great Endo Appointment!

  1. I am so very very happy for your wonderful appointment with Dr. WonderfulEndo, and, even more, for the excitement and happiness re: your diabetes management! You are doing SO great. Congratulations!! 🙂 Love, Sarah

  2. I am really glad that you found a good endo and had a great appointment AND had a great A!c! Good endos are always worth the drive. Nothing wrong with stretching & singing on the way. I bet you were really singing on the way home!

  3. I think that numbers are information – no more, no less……BUT, a lower A1C number gives you the information worth celebrating, in every sense of the word! You go girl. Be proud of your efforts.

  4. Congrats on an all around great endo appointment. Wonderful when we find our medical team is also our cheerleading team! I don’t know what I’d do without my doc and diabetic educator cheering me on. And consider yourself patted on the back for doing all the VERY hard work to get a satisfying A1C. It takes dedication, perseverance and just plain patience to get there. I can say I had the same experience at my last doctor’s visit and I still smile thinking about it. It helps on those days when the Dexcom buzzes twice to remind me that I’m over 200. Rats.

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