Flunking Eating Out

If there was a grade for eating out, I’d flunk. My SWAG skills are truly lacking since embarking on this road trip. But, I’ve decided I’m not going to worry about it, too much…

We don’t eat out very often at home for several reasons. One, my husband has turned into a great cook. Two, eating out in the summer means we line up with all of the tourists (not fun). Three, eating out in the winter means we watch the weather closely so we can be sure to get home if the weather is bad (we live on a slippery hill). And finally, we’re cheap…

Tonight I decided to do a better job. Well, sort of… I left my carb book at home and I don’t have a smart phone to look up counts. We were at Houlihans (which we don’t have up in our boonies). I had the chop salad (I removed every single crouton!) and a cup of baked potato soup. I should have asked for nutrition info, but I didn’t. Looked them up when we got back to the hotel and turns out I did okay on the carb numbers but – I’m high anyway.

It’s on its way down. I know I’ll live. But it’s annoying.

But – we’re visiting people we haven’t seen in a long time. We’re going to a newly opened restaurant (owned by a friend’s son) later this week (in Suffolk, Virginia). And you know; I’ll count, I’ll test, I’ll Ping. But, for this week, I’m going to put diabetes in the back seat and try to ignore it, safely…

And next week, back to my normal, carb conscious self.

Oh, nicest surprise this morning? We’re at a Hampton Inn and – there was sugar free strawberry jelly at the breakfast bar, which I slathered on a yummy biscuit.

5 thoughts on “Flunking Eating Out

  1. i’m glad for you colleen, for putting D on the back seat, safely! sometimes we just have to do that every now and then. potato soup is one of my favourites! i make my own version, and i count every carb and my BG’s are still way up there! EVERY TIME! but i know that some day i’ll get it right, and it’s not an everyday meal sooo…i deal with it. =)
    (and sugar free jelly is a lovely treat isn’t it?!)
    enjoy your time away and the newly opened restaurant!

  2. Colleen – a lot of my socializing takes place over food – meals out with friends ad family. breakfast with my bookclub, etc. It is HARD to make wise choices in restaurants, but, fortunately I usually have the same thing at each restaurant so have gotten the hang of some items.
    One thing I discovered,d though, since my “forced” retirement, is that meals I prepare for myself seem to be much more satisfying than something served to me in a restaurant. Go figure.

  3. I don’t look at it as flunking. You had an opportunity to let your hair down and enjoy a meal out. It is not like you do that everyday. Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  4. Yeah, I think it might be impossible to not flunk eating out. I usually end up either too high or too low. But I love your idea to just enjoy it for the week and get back to it next week. Good for you!!

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