About that cord…

Remember when I was patting myself on the back for being such a good d-buddy and loaning someone the Dexcom cord?

It’s here if you didn’t read it.


Last week we left the chaos that is still our home remodeling project and drove to Virginia. We haven’t gone anywhere in awhile. I really, really needed to get away from the house and my job (I love my job). So we packed it up and drove south. Thanks to d-bloggers I know to pack more than I’ll ever need of my d-stuff. I was at Staples last week and purchased an obnoxious, florally child’s back pack (1/2 price!) with the idea that having all my stuff in one bag that would be easy to spot (read, not lose…) would make a road trip easier.

I was so very organized.


On Monday night, at the hotel, I decided to charge Dexcom up for the next couple of days. I plugged the cord into the computer (stop laughing) and nothing happened/showed up on Dexcom. I took the cord down to the hotel desk and asked them to try on their computer. No luck. I called Dexcom and the very polite, patient woman very gently told me that the cord I was using was the data cord, not the charging cord. The charging cord has a plug that goes into the wall.

I know that. I knew that. The damn cord is plugged in right here at my desk. It stays here and I can charge Dexcom while I read d-blogs. This is the same WRONG cord I loaned to Nina – Guess she didn’t have the nerve to tell me I was a dope.

How could I make that kind of mistake?

I’m not dumb – I just wasn’t thinking because I was so convinced that I was sooooo organized and smart!

Called Dexcom from the hotel parking lot on Tuesday morning. Ordered a new charging cord to be delivered to our friends’ home on Wednesday.

Due to my lack of SWAGing skills while traveling, I really wanted Dexcom’s beeping and buzzing. So, ordering a new cord made sense.

Now, I have three charging cords. I could put one in the bedroom, on the desk and even at my office (hmmm, hadn’t thought of that – that’ll be cool).

One more idiocy to relate. When we left our friends’ home on Friday, we couldn’t find my insulin in the fridge. We looked everywhere. I figured that the way my week was going that I’d thrown it out in a set change. I had a Novolog pen so I knew I could suck insulin out of that if I had to. So we left.

They called when we got home, two days later, and insulin was found. They overnighted it and it’s here. Just one more thing that I screwed up.

But – we had a great time. With some correcting the bg numbers weren’t awful. And so, our week away was lots of fun!

Ta Da!

6 thoughts on “About that cord…

  1. Sorry, but I had to laugh! I have had cord mixups too and know what a pain it is. I wish they would be marked in bright red letters what they are for so we can’t get things mixed up. At least you were able to get one from Dexcom quickly and you were also able to get your insulin back. Maybe you should put the new cord in your new bag so when you go on a trip, you won’t have to think about which one is the right one!

  2. Whoops! Well, I admire your willingness to fess up! Don’t worry about it; we all make mistakes. Fortunately this was a relatively harmless one.

  3. There are just so many parts and pieces to this darn disease. Glad you were able to figure out a plan.
    Have a great weekend!

  4. Wow, have I ever done stuff like that. Good story though. I’m glad it all worked out in the end.

  5. Hmmmm, I think it SHOULD charge when you plug it into the computer, just like my phone does. It transfers it’s data and charges all at the same time. I blame them, not you. 🙂

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