Does She or Doesn’t She?

Does She or Doesn’t She???

Want the G4 Dexcom???

I do want it.

I read Kerri’s post first this morning and thought – wowee, zowee!

Then, I thought about the cost… I just got my second Dexcom in July, so I don’t think my insurance is going to pay for another one just yet.

But, did more investigating and apparently I can get an upgrade for $399 since I just got my new one in July.

It’s not the fancy new receiver. It’s not the fancy new color screen. It’s the improved accuracy that I want.

From Kerri – “Improved accuracy in the critical hypoglycemic range is most important from a life-saving point of view,” said Terrance H. Gregg, Dexcom CEO. “The Dexcom G4 PLATINUM fulfills the promise of CGM for people with diabetes by providing accurate and reliable real-time performance.”

The last three nights have been “sleepless in New Hampshire” as Dexcom has done its beeping/buzzing thing in the middle of the night. And I thank God that it has. But, what if I didn’t have it?

Last night it spoke up – didn’t wake me up but did wake up my husband who’s a pro at checking out the number. Dexcom said I was 49 and I did something I don’t usually do. I sucked down a juice without testing first. Then I tested – and Ping said I was 120. Said the hell with it and went back to sleep. I woke up okay but — I want the accuracy.

So tomorrow, I will join others in calling Dexcom to put in my order.

And we will cut back expenses in other areas so this doesn’t kill our budget. But you know what? I think it stinks that this isn’t available – cost wise – to everyone. One Dexcom is a whole lot cheaper than one trip to the ER for a dangerous low. One Dexcom is a whole lot cheaper than an accident due to a low BG while driving. And finally, and I really hate this one, one Dexcom is a whole lot cheaper than a funeral.


3 thoughts on “Does She or Doesn’t She?

  1. My insurance stinks for DME – which is what it considers the Dexcom to be. However, my third party supplier does offer a payment plan. I can add the Dexcom to my current payment plan that I am working on for my pump. Is it worth it to me? As you break down the other costs (especially that last one), I have to believe it is.

  2. Elise took one look at the new (pink) dex and said, I WANT ONE! Now… How to tell if it’s just Elise being an impulsive 5 year old, or if she really will wear it. She swears she will…

  3. Your last statement is so true and so powerful. I’m sitting on the fence as to whether I’ll go for a Dex Platinum, but a week ago I was just staring at the fence wondering what might be on the other side. That’s probably the exact effect that Dex wants to have on people like me.

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