I did it…

Before writing – one of the spam comments today is “sexy Halloween costumes.” I don’t think so…

I ordered the new Dexcom this morning. Went through the whole conversation, then the young woman asks, “What color?” I didn’t even think of that. I chose pink…

(The blue skin on the present Dexcom is split in places…)

The husband – he’s all for it. He’s the one hearing Dexcom at night. I’m not. He’s the one waking up and saying, “Colleen, wake up, you’re low.” He’s the one shoving the straw into the juice box and handing it to me. (Yup, he’s a good guy!) I’m becoming an expensive date, after 38 years. Between the d-stuff and some other medical issues, I’m not cheap to have around. We both work. We each have our own health insurance. But – even with health insurance, it’s not cheap. We work hard. We’re somewhat frugal (other than the house reno…). We don’t eat out that often. We’re not clothes shoppers.

But – the d-stuff is expensive. Even with insurance…

And yes, we’ll give up some things to have the new Dexcom. But that’s life…


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5 Responses to I did it…

  1. Scott E says:

    When I called to order my first insulin pump, I was still a bit unsure if I was ready to make such a big change with my diabetes treatment. But the rep on the phone, rather than talk me through it, was hung up on the same (first and only)question: “what color?”. It’s as if this little inconsequential afterthought is the only decision I needed to make when taking this plunge. I don’t know about you, but that kind of upset me a bit.

    Can’t wait to hear how the new Dex works out for you (and others). I’m keeping a sharp eye out on this one!

  2. kim says:

    Thats great news Colleen! I am looking forward to getting a CGM at some point. It took me a long time (a really long time) to finally decide to get a pump, and now that I want a CGM I fear I wont have coverage for it, and I wont be able to afford it on my own =(
    Keep us posted on your new pink pal!

  3. scully says:

    my feed is inundated with all this new dexcom stuff. we don’t have dexcom in Canada so its all new to me.
    I like the way you explain how its not a device just for you.
    I can’t wait to see it!

  4. Karen says:

    Yay, I’m so excited that you will have the latest greatest technology. Although I hate that we often need to make sacrifices to afford them.

  5. In a perfect world, insurance would cover more of the cost. It is hard to make some of the choices that we have to make these days, isn’t it?

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