Lunch with a future medalist!

Last week I had lunch with a woman from our church. No big deal, right?

Nah, it was a big deal because she’s getting ready to fill out her paperwork for a Joslin 50 Year Medal. She’s healthy. She’s cute. She’s heading off to Florida (we call people like her snowbirds) and looking forward to playing golf in the sunshine.

She’d never seen a pump. She’s never heard of Dexcom or other CGMS. We sat at lunch forever! She was fascinated with my Ping and Dexcom. I am in awe of her d-management through the last 50 years.

Her husband died this year and she’s alone now (other than kids and grandkids). Because of that, she’s very interested in Dexcom. We each ate exactly the same thing (and SWAG’ed the same carb count!) and she was shocked to watch the graph on the Dexcom climb upward as we chatted after eating.

The way we deal with diabetes is so different and yet, we’re both doing okay and her way is certainly working for her.

I’m looking forward to her spring return and spending more time together! I think I can learn a few things from Mary, my new d-friend!


5 thoughts on “Lunch with a future medalist!

  1. What a great story! (Except, of course, for Mary losing her husband). Sometimes reading about the new gadgets like CGMs can be a bit off-putting (I resisted a pump for a LONG time!), but seeing it at work can be a real eye-opener. Then again, seeing anyone going as strong as she is, after 50 years, is impressive in itself.

  2. WE call people like her snowbirds too. Only when you say it, it’s probably a little nicer than when Florida residents say it! 😛

    I only did one year of shots before I moved to a pump. I cannot IMAGINE 50 years worth!

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