You want to go where? Why?

While in Virginia a couple of weeks ago, one of the hotels we stayed at was right down the street from a Target. I told M we had to go there so I could see if the “Target LOW” would happen to me. He thought I was nuts but that’s not that unusual…

I was introduced to Target many years ago when visiting my sister in Apple Valley, near Minneapolis. She taught me the correct pronunciation and told me to never wear a red shirt when shopping at Target. (“Tarjay” – and the staff wears red shirts.) So, I was all set when Target showed up in the KC area, and it was nice. But, I didn’t have T1 Diabetes then.

Now, up here in the boonies, the closest Target is 45 minutes south of us via the interstate. I don’t get there much.

But – here one was, right down the street. So we went to Target.

We wandered around happily for 30 minutes or so and yup, Dexcom beeped, I tested, and my bg was low. The husband was awed that I could predict this happening. I told him everyone in the DOC goes low at Target.

I’d like to think – hmmm, we could all just go to Target instead of taking Insulin. But when I go to Target, it’s not cheap, so maybe just Pinging my insulin is a cheaper idea.

Just think… What if I didn’t read d-blogs? That low in Target might have been a complete surprise!

Thank you d-bloggers.

Congratulations to everyone who rode for JDRF today in Death Valley!
Thanks also to everyone who contributed to their rides.
My dream is the same – Find a cure for this disease!


4 thoughts on “You want to go where? Why?

  1. I didn’t know that the target low was a thing… Elise almost ALWAYS goes low when we’re there. The funny thing is, it almost always happens in or near the candy aisle. Weird!

  2. I don’t get to Target much either – I am about the same distance as you. I didn’t even notice they all wore red shirts – I guess I could have “assumed” that one since their color is red. It is funny that your husband was in awe that you predicted the low!

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