I didn’t dance…

We installed a whole house generator this summer. We did it for lots of reasons and just one of many was/is the fact that our fridge usually has a couple hundred dollars of insulin in it. Another reason was we could, so we did. (One time we lost power unexpectedly – turned out a large crow had fried itself at the utility pole and killed our electricity.)

We lost power for a little over an hour several weeks ago and it was really, really nifty when that machine came on and the lights came on and the computer stayed on. I did a little happy dance!

Yesterday, we were ready for Hurricane Sandy. New Hampshire wasn’t a direct hit target but we were ready. We’d put away the deck furniture, parked the grill in a safe place. And just in case, we had flashlights, battery lights, some water, etc…

The power went off in the late afternoon and I was all set to do my happy dance. I stood at the window and waited to hear the magic machine start up.

I didn’t dance…

The damn generator didn’t turn on.

Called – they had my husband push some buttons and declared we had a sensor failure.  Yeah, right. Only problem, it’s not like Dexcom where I just go to the closet and get a new sensor.

The power wasn’t off forever – unlike others on the East Coast.
We weren’t cold or wet – unlike others on the East Coast.
Our house was not damaged – unlike others on the East Coast.

A new sensor has been ordered. They’re not as quick as Dexcom. It’s going to take a few days.

Speaking of Dexcom, I haven’t heard a thing from them since calling to order my new one. Guess I’ll call them tomorrow.


5 thoughts on “I didn’t dance…

  1. Sorry that you lost power and your generator didn’t work! I was worried about the power going out but figured it was cold enough out that i wouldn’t have to worry about the insulin – just freezing to death!

  2. How terribly disappointing! I don’t have a generator but I knew someone who did. Are you supposed to test it occasionally. That sounds like something I would never do but would know that I should. Glad it wasn’t bad. Take care!

  3. After reading this (and about 1000 other messages from people with generators of various kinds), it almost makes me want to get one of those things anyway. It’s been 98 hours, so far, without power.

  4. Jealous you are getting the new Dex so soon! I have to wait until the new year…..*sigh*. Glad to hear you were not affected by the storm. We were out of power for 5 days back when Ike hit the midwest (fortunately that was pre-LADA, so I didn’t have insulin to worry about). Not fun. We grilled out a lot…….

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