My basal rates and carb ratios have stayed just about the same since I started pumping just about 3 years ago. And it’s worked.


Recently, I’ve been dropping like a brick about the time I get home from work. And my very low carb breakfast has been sending the numbers to over 200 for about the same time.


So this morning I added 2 units of insulin to my normal dosage and it worked. By lunchtime the bg was at 104 with no beeps from Dexcom throughout the morning. (I always want someone to ask me to do a meter commercial whenever my bg is 104!)

Same old lunch but I didn’t change anything. Shortly after arriving home Dexcom beeped and I tested and it was in the 70’s. So I’ve chomped on some glucose tablets and am waiting for the bg to rise. I’ve also done a temp basal and lowered it for an hour.

I think I’ll just change the breakfast carb ratio for a couple of days and see how it goes. Thanks to d-bloggers, I know better than to change more than one process at a time.

And if that works and makes for a quieter morning at work, then I’ll play with the lunch carb ratio.

Meanwhile, I guess I’ll find the cord for the Ping so I can print out my basal rates and take a look at those also. Although, changing something there does scare me. I know it shouldn’t, but it does. Hopefully I’ll get better at this.

And – I really hate math.

And – If someone has a better idea, I am more than happy to read it.

Glad some of our DOCer’s have power back. Sorry it’s going to snow.

And yes, the generator is fixed.

Is there a D-Mom out there who wants to adopt me? You ladies amaze me with your math skills!

5 thoughts on “Change

  1. I hope that you get it figured out Colleen! That is one of the things about d that drives me nuts – stuff works and then all of a sudden, it doesn’t work anymore!

    As for math skills, math was my favorite subject in school. I was a bean counter. Ask me to do math in my head, forget it! I was in advanced math class in HS and they handed out calculators to the kids that didn’t have one. I carry a pocket calculator in my purse to figure stuff out!

  2. D has two constants 1: its not going away and 2: change
    hope you get this figured out Colleen! I too hate math! someone upstairs must have mistaken me for someone who loves it!

  3. Wow… Three years? Sometimes it feels like I’m fiddling with Elise’s settings every three HOURS! Okay, total exaggeration, I’m prone to hyperbole these days!

    I could totally handle changes every three years… Come on down to Texas!

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