It’s here, sort of…

Last month, I decided to bite the bullet and order the new Dexcom G4. I had to think about it. I had just gotten my Dexcom #2 in July. Which meant, I was going to pay for the upgrade. But I wanted that 20 feet and the better numbers.

So I ordered it and was told I would have it by the end of the month, October.

I called toward the end of the month to check on it and was told, “Oh, you’ll receive it mid November.” Ok, I could deal with that.

I called last week and was told I wouldn’t receive it until the end of November.

I whined.

And a Dexcom rep called the end of last week to tell me it would arrive this week. As she went over the order, I noted that there were no sensors. Oh, right. That needs to be approved by your insurance. I said yup – and I did that back in October. But – there was no record. And I politely asked, “So you’re going to send me the new Dexcom but no sensors??????”

Anyway… It did arrive today – with no sensors. Called, again. Spoke to a polite young man who said, “Yes, it’s all approved.”

We’re leaving – for a week – on Saturday.

The polite young man swore I’d have my sensors by tomorrow morning. I told him I’d name him on this blog if the sensors arrive BEFORE I leave.

He’s read blogs. He knows the people who have received the G4’s are happy. And I told him that if those sensors arrive tomorrow I would sing his praises. But if they don’t…

The FedEx delivery lady knows I don’t work on Fridays and knows I’m waiting for another package. She said she’ll bring it out to our house if it shows up.

So I guess tonight, I’ll actually read the instructions so IF those sensors show up tomorrow morning, I’ll be ready.

And, it’s pink.

And, expect photos from a Kansas City barbeque d-dinner next week. I’m so excited!