Travels with the D

We traveled to Kansas City last week to spend Thanksgiving with our two sons. We had a great time. I ate too much. I took a whole lot of insulin. And I got very tired, very quickly, of carting around all of my d stuff. I think my right shoulder has sunk, just a little…

One of the nicest – very nicest – things that happened was meeting up with the KC d people for dinner one night. Barb Campbell, she who has done the d thing and the cancer thing for the last year or so, got some people together for one of the nights we were in town. It was terrific! I’d met Barb, Jess, Bob at our first get together. And this time I met Scott, Lisa and Charli!

Lisa Meyer Burch & her husbandScott Strange – Jon Campbell’s mom & dad – Jon & Barb Campbell – Me! – Bob PedersonCharli GuerinJess Collins

Just two people in this photo were dx’d as children… And four of us are LADA’s. And one of us is T2. (I think I have that right…?)

But, back to the stuff. And even more annoying, the TSA.

When we left on Saturday, TSA in NH wasn’t tooooo bad. Did the pat down but, they had to swab inspect my 3 boxes of juice before letting us through. Oh well.

We had two flights going out to KC and I got off the plane low both times. (That’s a very strange statement but you know what I mean.) Had a glass of lemonade for the first time in seven years, in the Newark airport. Was slurping down a juice box at the rental car counter in KC.

The G4 sensor made it 7 days and then started throwing ???’s at me.  Every time I was ready to just quit and do a new one, it would be okay, so I didn’t. By Monday morning, it was giving up the ghost, we were flying home; so I switched it. There were no, absolutely none, ???’s for the first seven days!

TSA in KC was far too thorough. Since they couldn’t open the juices I was carrying, they decided to hand inspect my carry on bag and my purse. Took some time. They were perplexed by the new Dexcom. They thought they were going to x-ray the receiver. Nooooooooo! I had set it in the bowl as asked, then one TSA person went to take it out. I told him to put it back, it was my medical equipment and he really didn’t want to have to pay for a new one. He put it back.

I do understand (sort of…) why the TSA has to do these things but, it’s still annoying and I’m impressed by those of you who do lots of travel. I think I’d go nuts!

A very nice thought about our trip. I didn’t over-over pack the d-stuff. I knew I could find someone if I needed something!

Thank you to all you KC people who took time from your busy Thanksgiving week to join for a great supper, some laughs (Who’s Tom Brokaw?) – and more laughs, my husband announced that he’s probably a “Type Boring.” Everyone giggled and we had to explain that that name was already taken by Jess’s husband.

Jess & I have PINK Dexcoms!


6 thoughts on “Travels with the D

  1. You were at Newark Airport? Next time, give me a heads up so I can stop by and say hello! 🙂 Seriously though, it sounds like you had a fun (and eventful!) trip. I’m glad.

  2. Sounds like you had fun-well,minus the TSA parts. I am so glad I have a baby now,because they have given me no hassle about all the weird diabetic parts of me when I’m carrying him through.(small blessings) they need to educate the screeners RE diabetes devices better!

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  4. I love the Kansas City DOC crew!

    And Jess (and Jon) have warned me about the TSA there. I haven’t had too much trouble when I’ve come through but I’ve heard stories from that crew about their troubles.

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