Trying to explain the DOC

As most people who read this know, I live in a small town in New Hampshire. I don’t have many pump sightings around here. One was before I got my Ping and that was a waiter at a local restaurant, and two recent sightings were people who were here, but don’t live here.

Being in Overland Park, KS last week to visit our sons and enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner that I didn’t cook or clean up was lots of fun. Eating out at restaurants meant HUGE carb counts and lots of insulin, much more than I usually use. Shopping at stores that are just a few minutes down the road, lots of fun, too. The best though, the very best, was meeting up with the Kansas City friends who have diabetes. I’ve shown friends my pictures and they’re polite and totally perplexed that a)I wanted to have dinner with people I barely know & b)that this group of people went out of their way to meet for dinner. It was especially nice of my husband to come along for the fun! (umm, like I gave him a choice…)

I’ve missed our NH Ping Support Group meetings recently, once for gum surgery (ick!) and the last one we were away.

Tomorrow – drum roll, here!!! Shannon, mom of Brendon (who has T1), sometimes blogger at Mom Wants a Diabetes Cure, and a Facebook buddy – and I are meeting for lunch! She was a great support to me when I began my diabetes life and so, I’m looking forward to meeting her – for real! Plus, she has a wicked sense of humor…

I wouldn’t have gotten my diagnosis changed/corrected without the DOC.
I wouldn’t have a pump without the DOC.
I wouldn’t sweat the small d-stuff without the DOC.
I wouldn’t know how to SWAG without the DOC.
I wouldn’t be the relatively happy d-person that I am, without the DOC.

I could list more but… you know!

I’ll take pictures!

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  1. I was in KC last week for the birth of my 2nd grandson. We went to Overland Park to a Trader Joe’s and to a Whole Foods or if it wasn’t Overland Park it was somewhere close. Someday when you’re in town we’ll have to meet.

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