Two In One Month!

I don’t get many opportunities to meet other d-people. Last month I met up with some of the Kansas City area d-friends while we were there visiting our sons.

2012-11-30 001At the Waterfall Cafe in Mill Falls, Meredith

And last week, I finally!!! met Shannon. She’s a sometimes blogger and a Facebook friend. She was extremely helpful, supportive and funny when I first started blogging. Her son has diabetes and he’s grown up in the last several years. I’m always awed when she posts photos of her kids!

For whatever reason, I thought we lived farther away from each other. We don’t. And now that we’ve figured that out, I think we’ll be doing the “do lunch” thing more often. (Unless it’s snowing…)

As is frequently the case, we didn’t really talk about diabetes all that much. I loved getting to know Shannon “in person.”

And no, Sara, I didn’t try to twist her arm to get back to blogging. Wouldn’t it be fun if she did? Her kids always gave me a chuckle when she repeated whatever they were saying that day. And I don’t know where she found some of the videos she posted!

Turns out my endo’s office is just a few minutes from her neighborhood. Just having a friend to meet after my appointments would make it so much nicer.

Using my and her son’s diabetes as an excuse to meet worked out great, but even nicer is finding a new friend.

3 thoughts on “Two In One Month!

  1. Oh man! How cool! I love Shannon! So glad you guys got to meet!

    Also – I just discovered that your blog was not in my RSS reader! I have fixed that, and hope to stop by much more often now. 🙂

  2. That is so awesome!! D-meetups are just the best, and knowing someone fairly near you make it even better. And you and me?? We are totally going to manage a meetup one of these days!!

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