I knew I was going to go low…

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I knew it was going to happen. We had spaghetti for dinner along with some bread and a salad. I’m tired of measuring out my measly pasta serving so I doubled it – but – I did bolus for it (damn, I hardly ever bolus that much for any meal). Halfway through dinner, I started feeling not so great. Nothing specific, just didn’t feel good. And I didn’t want to eat any more. I should have cut down my basal but I didn’t think of that until this morning…

In any case, at 12:30am, Dexcom screeched and I tested. It wasn’t awful, a 60 something, so I drank the juice (which was on my nightstand), and tried to go back to sleep. Dexcom beeped some more and I kept pushing the button to shut it up. At 1am, I got up, tested again and was still 60 something. So now I’m up and I don’t want juice. So, I ate chocolate covered peanuts (I know – not a good choice). (They’re very, very tasty chocolate covered peanuts…???) Husband was sleeping peacefully and I probably should have alerted him, but I didn’t…

Did the Facebook thing, looked at Twitter, checked blogs but you know, there aren’t many of us posting blogs at 1am… When I attempted to retest, I couldn’t find my handy, dandy lancet. Searched the kitchen, the bathroom, checked the floor near the bed and finally found it in the bed.

It took awhile. I knew not to eat everything in the kitchen. I knew to keep testing. Once the number started its upward trend, I went back to bed.

And yes, I know I should have just snarfed down another juice box.

And yes, next time I’ll put a temporary stop on my basal.

But – the chocolate covered peanuts were yummy.

Woke up at 167. Not great, but not bad…

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2 Responses to I knew I was going to go low…

  1. I am a sucker for chocolate covered peanuts too! Although I usually don’t have the self-restraint that you showed in the kitchen. Glad you made it through Ok, AND I’d say 167 mg/dl is pretty impressive for after a nighttime low like that. 🙂

  2. Scully says:

    i’ve done this before and it’s when I’m so absentminded and not thinking.

    and why does it all make sense what to do in retrospect? argh!

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